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Best Life Jacket For Kids That You Need For Boating

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Get ready for some mom advice! We are a boating family.  So naturally we are always on the hunt for the best life jacket for kids.  Some of the life jackets out there are so very uncomfortable!  If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you know this.  Living in the Midwest means we are around lots of water.  Not the typical water that people think of on the East and West Coasts but for us it is definitely water.  Where we live there are tons of rivers nearby and lakes within a couple hour drive.  All are boating material in our minds.  Even the rivers.  Even the muddy Mississippi.  Even if that grosses some of you out.  *wink*  Being a boating family means that kids have to wear life jackets on the boat.  These contraptions are often so uncomfortable and cause many tears.  Until now.  Recently we purchased the best life jacket for kids and it truly is THE best.  The Puddle Jumper.

Lake of the Ozarks Missouri best life jacket for kids

Best Life Jacket For Kids That You Need For Boating

Great mom advice: A friend told me about the Puddle Jumper.  She said they are U.S. Coast Guard approved which means they can be worn on a boat.  (Keep in mind that a vest jacket needs to be worn when being pulled on a tube or when riding on a wave runner.) She said that they fasten in the back so that kids can’t unlatch them.  She said that they are comfortable.  And they are.  And they are awesome.  My kids no longer complain.  They are now happy to be wearing a life jacket in the boat.  This last holiday weekend we boated all over at Lake of the Ozarks.  Happy times had by all with the Puddle Jumper on!


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Puddle Jumper Best Life Jacket For Kids

It’s even the best life jacket to assist in learning to swim.

Puddle Jumper life jacket Grizzly Jacks Grand Bear Resort Starved Rock Illinois

It’s hands down the best life jacket for kids.

You can get your own Puddle Jumper HERE because that’s where I got my dandy deal.


Have you tried out this brand of life jacket already?  What are your thoughts on the Puddle Jumper?  I’d love to hear ’em in the comments!


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