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The Best Mrs. Doubtfire Quotes You’ll Hear in the Musical

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No one can ever forget the comedic masterpiece that features the endearing Scottish accent of Euphegenia Doubtfire saying, Helloooo! The beloved film has become a cult classic that has been enjoyed by generations and has now entered a new era in the form of a hit musical. With similarities and up to date storylines, it’s no surprise that you’ll hear some familiar Mrs. Doubtfire quotes from the stage of the Fabulous Fox! 

mrs. doubtfire playbill musical fabulous fox theatre

The Best Mrs. Doubtfire Quotes You’ll Hear in the Musical

I remember the early 1990’s like it was yesterday. That time of life included watching the movie Mrs. Doubtfire over and over again. From the first day I, along with my high school classmates, saw the film that was very much ahead of its time… we were hooked. Well known stars like Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan and Mara Wilson came together with another major star and comedic great Robin Williams, to create a film unlike any other. Turning the film (that was before novel Alias Madame Doubtfire) into a stage production was sure to happen. 

My favorite quote from the movie? “Did you ever wish you could sometimes freeze-frame a moment in your day, look at it and say this is not my life?”

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Mrs. Doubtfire Musical at the Fabulous Fox

It’s the story of a flawed husband, Daniel Hillard, who loses his job and his children in what feels like one sudden swoop, despite the fact that the falling apart between the married couple had been happening for some time. Through the court’s decision, he realizes that his way of life is going to change drastically when he won’t be seeing his children every day. The family immediately finds themselves living in separate homes with a court liaison, Mrs. Sellner, checking in to help determine if the devastated father will eventually be able to retain shared custody. For the time being it seems that he will need to find employment and establish a suitable residence. On a whim he decides that the only way to see his children on a regular basis is to become Mrs. Doubtfire and doing a “bit of the old cunning linguistics”, secures the position as their nanny.  

fabulous fox theatre musical hillard family

image source: Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical on Tour

While I’m sure not the only solution to this problem, it makes for a hilarious production of quick costume changes as Daniel and Mrs. Doubtfire vie back and forth. She can make a wicked cup of cocoa, put kids in their place, offers advice, and listens to feelings. Through his woman persona, Daniel Hillard ultimately becomes a different person. He realizes that he hadn’t been the attentive husband he should have been and he didn’t hear his wife when she needed him to. The man’s eyes lacked what Mrs. Doubtfire could see. 

Mrs. Doubtfire possesses a noble quality and the hip old granny shines in this smash hit musical. The story The musical version will have The only thing missing is Robin and that fact brought a tear to my eyes more than once. It was hard not to think of him during this musical and I’m sure the cast feels the same way.

mrs. doubtfire musical kitchen scene

image source: Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical on Tour

Mrs. Doubtfire Movie Quotes to Stage

The movie is filled with so many of the best quotes and it’s no surprise that many would be included in the musical version.

Best Mrs. Doubtfire Quotes

Keep in mind that the musical is going to be different from the film. So while some of your quotes from the movie will be in the musical, they won’t necessarily be in the same scene or context. Like the alien intelligent life comedy bit in the movie will appear in the musical, but not in the same way. The same as the fruiting incident further explained below!

Here are just a few of the quotes you’ll catch in Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical:

It was a run-by fruiting! Such a hilarious line that showed the little competition taking place between Stuart Dunmire and, unbeknownst to him, Mr. Hillard. In the movie Mrs. Doubtfire blames the fruiting on an angry member of the kitchen staff. The stage version claims to be an angry staff member of Miranda’s clothing company.

Help is on the way, dear! This iconic quote will have you remember the tender and hilarious moments from the movie.

Dear Katie – Two amazing quotes here. Without giving too much away, think Mister Rogers in the form of a sweet old lady. *wink*

The quotes: “As long as there’s love, those are the ties that bind, and you’ll have a family in your heart, forever” and “All my love to you poppet, you’re going to be all right” are both statements made by Mrs. Doubtfire in response to Katie, a young girl who writes a letter to the tv show that features Mrs. Doubtfire. What could have been titled Dear Miranda, it ultimately clenches the entire story together as a revelation that love exists in all sorts of different families and it’s an apology to his ex-wife.

Favorite Mrs. Doubtfire Quote in the Musical

My favorite quote from the musical actually comes from Wanda Sellner, the court appointed liasion.

wander sellner mrs. doubtfire quotes

 Bridges are built to be crossedHope lies in forgivenessTime can healAll is not lost. As long as there is love.

What You’ll Hear Besides Mrs. Doubtfire Quotes

So many great musical numbers are in Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical. “What the Hell” performed by the Hillard children (Giselle Gutierrez as Lydia Hillard, Cody Braverman and Axel Bernard Rimmele as Christopher Hillard, and Emerson Mae Chan and Kennedy Pitney as Natalie Hillard) is particularly catchy and there’s a beautifully done musical act of “Let Go” by Maggie Lakis as Miranda Hillard. “Let Go” brought a tear or two because the emotion could be felt behind her performance. It was that good. 

Other sounds like “I’m Rockin’ Now” and “It’s About Time” display the talent of Rob McClure (as both Daniel Hillard and Mrs. Doubtfire) as he transitions from comedy to heartwarming moments. Those are some special skills that not all performers can accomplish in a just over 2 hour show, but Mr. McClure masterfully carries it out.

Cast of Mrs. Doubtfire the Muscial

The cast of this production will have you on your feet by the end of the show all while you are shocked they are able to dance til the end.

mrs. doubtfire musical cast

image source: Mrs. Doubtfire the Musical on Tour

While set in San Francisco, this story can and will resonate with all different areas of the country. It’s The fact that this story can be combined with This musical at the Fabulous Fox in St. Louis will have you feeling like the very first time you saw the film from the 90’s. All the emotions will be brought back and even more so in tune due to the exceptional music.

Appearing on stage at the Fabulous Fox Theatre now through January 7th. Get your tickets HERE.


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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