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Best Outdoor and Indoor Playhouse for Toddlers

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One of the most popular forms of imaginative play is an outdoor playhouse. This type of fun doesn’t have to only be reserved for the backyard. Bring the great outdoors inside with a fun playhouse that is just the right size for the playroom. Let your little ones imagination soar with an indoor playhouse for toddlers!

best outdoor indoor playhouse for toddlers

Best Outdoor and Indoor Playhouse for Toddlers

Outdoor play is an essential part of child development. Cognitive stimulation, physical activity and social interaction are all vital part of children’s healthy growth.

Why is outdoor play so important for children?

There are several reasons why outdoor play is so important for children. Here are just a few of the ones that are most beneficial:

  • Exercise. The main component of outdoor play is by and large physical activity. Playing and getting exercise at the same time is a great way for children to stay healthy. Outdoor play allows children to run, jump, climb, and explore, all of which are great for their physical development.
  • Exploring nature. Playing outdoors gives children the opportunity to explore the natural world around them. They can learn about different plants and animals. It’s an easy way to develop a sense of wonder and appreciation for nature.
  • Socializing with others. Outdoor play has long been a part of children’s social emotional. It’s where other children are playing too! That being said, playing outside is a great way for children to socialize with other children. Social play allows kids to learn how to interact with others, share, and cooperate.
  • Development of creativity and imagination. Outdoor play can help children to develop their creativity and imagination. When children are given the freedom to explore and play, they can use their imaginations to create their own games and adventures.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety. Spending time outdoors in nature has actually been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in children. Sunshine, fresh air, sunshine and the overall natural surroundings tends to help children relax and de-stress.

Other benefits:

In addition to the above, outdoor play helps develop feelings of independence and self-confidence. Giving children freedoms to explore and play, seemingly on their own, can help them to learn to trust themselves and their ability to solve problems.

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Toddler Playhouses

Plastic playhouses can be a great addition to an outdoor play area, particularly for toddlers. You can of course bring the play indoors with a playhouse, but you have to keep in mind what will work best for your space. Most playhouse are on the larger side and better suited for outdoor use. The simple design and size of the Cape Cottage Pretend Playhouse by Little Tikes is absolutely perfect for indoor play area.

indoor toddler playhouse

Little Tikes has the best playhouses that are perfect for developing gross motor skills. There’s something for each age range and skill level. When I was researching playhouses I immediately liked the Cape Cottage style because I knew that it would fit perfectly inside. I’m so happy that Little Tikes gifted us with one! (You may remember seeing it featured here in the holiday gift guide for 2022.) My daughter loves it so much. She enjoys taking food from her play kitchen into her own mini home and sharing the space with her stuffed animals.

It’s perfect for her development stage and I love that it fits perfectly indoors and out. The overall design is classic with a Cape Code feel. Take creative play to the next level with the best outdoor and indoor playhouse for toddlers from Little Tikes!

Little Tikes Cape Cottage Pretend Playhouse

little tikes cape cottage pretend playhouse

This simple structure is made with high-quality materials and packed with hours of endless fun. And let’s not forget the cute details like decorative stickers to really add a fun look.

In addition to its size being perfect for outdoor or indoor use, here are just a few of our favorite things to highlight:

Window Shutters

indoor playhouse for toddlers
best outdoor indoor playhouse for toddlers

Indoor or outdoor, kids love the fun window shutter detail.


little tikes mailbox mail slot

Your little learner will love the mail slots. Give your child some envelopes to pretend to deliver mail and they will work on their fine motor skills at the same time.

Dutch-Style Doors

little tikes blue cape cottage playhouse

Kids love the swinging door on either side of the house.

Cute Details

little tikes door handle stickers
little tikes sticker detail

The sticker details are perfect and no thought was left out.

It’s so easy to create your very own indoor playground with this adorable and fun playhouse!

Get your own Cape Cottage playhouse HERE.

Looking for a wooden playhouse instead?

Little Tikes also has wood playhouses! Be sure to check out the following options if you are looking for something in the wooden style:

Little Tikes Real Wood Adventures 5-in-1 Game House

Little Tikes Real Wood Adventures Outdoor Glamping House

More Than Best Indoor Playhouse for Toddlers

Other Indoor Playground Items:

Teeter Totter

Hopper Ball

First Slide

3 ft. Trampoline

Inflatable Dino Bouncer

Rocking Horse

Reading Nook Tent Structure

little tikes reading nook tent

image source: Little Tikes

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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