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Best Summer Date Night Idea In St. Louis

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Oh how much I love my river city! It’s a great place to raise a family and there are tons of activities. But what about date nights without the kids? Here in St. Louis we also have a really special place that is the most perfect summer date night idea. It’s something that cannot be found anywhere else – the largest and oldest outdoor theater in the entire county – The Muny.

You may have noticed on Instagram that before our Bellingham vacation, the husband and I attended Singin’ in the Rain at The Muny. Such an amazing show.


It has been really hot and humid here in the Lou, but when the sun goes down, the magic comes alive on stage. Singin’ in the Rain was no exception.

It’s a musical that I could see over and over again. The music. The acting. The scenes. Simply marvelous. There was so much chemistry between the leads. Definitely the perfect date night for my guy and I!

Best Summer Date Night Idea In St. Louis

If you are in or near St. Louis then the perfect date night this week would be to Jersey Boys at The Muny. Tickets are still available. Here’s a look at some scenes from opening night:

Photography credit: Phillip Hamer


I’ll be attending the show tonight with some girlfriends and I cannot wait! Can you believe that I’ve never seen this particular show before? I’ve heard all good things about it and look forward to the experience. Stay tuned to my social media (Instagram and Facebook) to follow along on girl’s night tomorrow night!

Jersey Boys will be gracing The Muny’s stage until July 16th. For tickets and more information visit or call (314) 361-1900.





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