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Better Than Black Friday Television Deals

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Did you buy a television on Black Friday? That’s usually when the best deals are, right? Well that’s no longer the case because right now you can score a deal on a television. Just in time for watching the Big Game. Catch my pun in regards to scoring and game??? Right now you can get a price that is way better than the Black Friday television deals. In January. How about that?


Which are your favorite Black Friday television deals? Let’s chat about it in the comments.

Another thing to chat about? The Big Game. Do you watch it with friends and family? Who do you cheer for? What do you eat? Honestly? I’m all about the food for the Big Game. We have lots and lots of yummy snack foods. Basically make an entire meal out of a bunch of appetizers. I’m pretty sure we aren’t the only ones who do this. *wink* Isn’t that the customary food for the Big Game?

This year we are going to celebrate the littlest guy’s birthday. So it will also include cake. Need a new recipe to serve at your gathering? Try any one of these HERE.

Happy Big Game to all and happy shopping for a new television!



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