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Big Lots Toy Book Of Hot Holiday Toys For 2018

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It’s November 4th and that means that the month of Thanksgiving is official here, but it also means that the season of shopping is upon us. Sure we shop all year round for the necessities and if you are like me then you shop throughout the year picking up deals to hold onto for Christmas gifts.  But the majority of the holiday shopping is done a month or two before the actual holiday. That’s when the crunch is really on to get all of those gifts! Especially the ones that are the hot holiday toys for the year. Those items always seem to go extra fast. Many of the top toys for 2018 are included in the Big Lots toy book. Read on to see all the great toys and savings to be found at Big Lots.

Hot holiday toys for 2018 in the Big Lots toy book.

I’ve long been a fan of shopping at Big Lots. There’s one right by our house and it’s easy to just pop in. In fact it’s my go to place for birthday party shopping. So many great gifts at amazing deals. Perfect for all the birthday parties we attend throughout the year! It’s no surprise that Big Lots is also a great place to find all the best holiday toys.

Big Lots Toy Book Of Hot Holiday Toys For 2018

I’ll be posting the Seeing Dandy holiday gift guides on the blog here pretty soon, so be sure to stay tuned for that. You’ll be surprised to find a few of the toys listed in the Big Lots toy book. So stay tuned for those specific dandy gift guides. Until then you can start shopping these hot holiday toys found at Big Lots!


Hot Holiday Toys In Big Lots Toy Book

30 pages of great holiday finds!

Those prices are amazing! I know that my kids will be putting several of the toys on their lists. Particularly the Nerf blasters and Little Live Pets.

Happy Big Lots Toy Book Shopping!

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