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How To Host A Birthday Party At Amp Up Action Park

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If you follow me on social media, particularly Instagram, then you might have noticed I posted last week about my oldest turning 11. It came and went all too fast. Just a few years ago it seems like he was toddling around and being pushing in the baby swing at the park. Yet here I was needing to plan a party for the big kids. I’ve discovered that there are differences in celebrating birthdays as the years go by. Older kids want to do older kid things… like laser tag with their friends. That was the plan for Parker’s birthday this year and when I did a search for where to play laser tag, Amp Up Action Park came up first.

How to host an 11-year-old birthday party at Amp Up Action Park.

Why Amp Up Action Park

Laser tag. Have you noticed that boys in my son’s age range are obsessed with this activity? It seems just a few years ago I was planning a 1st birthday that was cowboy themed (since Parker had been born in San Antonio, TX) and now I needed to plan a party that I know nothing about. I started to stress and worry about the prospective of this particular type of party. How ever would I host a laser tag party when I’m so very limited in my knowledge of tagging with lasers??? Amp Up to the rescue!

Laser tag and go kart racing at Amp Up Action Park in St. Louis.

How To Host A Birthday Party At Amp Up Action Park

It’s easy to host a birthday party at Amp Up because everything is taken care of for you! Seriously. I’ve never experienced this type of cadillac treatment before. From the party planner to the managers over the event on party day, parents needn’t worry about a thing. Just set a date, pick a party package, make a guest list and then show up. It’s that easy to throw a birthday party for an 11-year-old!

The action park has all the favorite games and activities on site for you:

Our kids and guests couldn’t get enough of the laser tag and virtual reality. They are still talking about it!


Guests will be wowed by the party space with a view.

Amp Up Action Park party space with view of go kart car racing.

Watch the races while you celebrate!



Party-goers can dine on pizza and pitchers of soft drinks.

Kids eating pizza and drinking lemonade with checkerboard napkins.

Amp Up even provides the plates, napkins, utensils and cups!


And… if you take in your own cake and you are a busy mom who accidentally forgets the candles…

Happy Birthday Parker. Schnucks cookie cake with candles.

Amp Up will save the day.


Now I am the mother of an 11-year-old!

Parker partied at Amp Up on Saturday with friends and then turned 11 on Sunday so we celebrated that day, too. I already have a feeling that he will want to do a 12th birthday party next year at Amp Up. Sounds good to me, because their party planners will take a huge weight off of my plate. Thanks for hosting us for a fun party, Amp Up. We had a blast!

Go HERE to book your next event at Amp Up.

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