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Birthstone Jewelry Deal At Macy’s

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Disclosure: Now remember that this posting could contain affiliate links which means I earn a percentage of the sale or other incentives, but all opinions are still strictly my own.  Ready for another great deal to get in on?  How about a birthday jewelry deal?  Something that I actually have a lot of.  I love jewelry.  Especially birthstone jewelry.


When the Audiologist Man and I were dating he bought me a pair of birthstone earrings for Christmas.  I remember that they came in a little Macy’s box and were part of their precious jewel collection.  I would imagine that he didn’t get a birthstone jewelry deal on ’em because he probably didn’t get in on the Macy’s Friends & Family Event being that it was right before the holidays and all but I still love those earrings just the same.  They are peridot for August and I still wear them.  It’s a special gift that I will cherish forever.  But the birthstone tradition continued… On the next birthday that I had after having each of our children I’ve been given a piece of birthstone jewelry.  It’s a dandy family tradition.

So it’s not surprising that I think that birthstone jewelry gifts are the best kind.  Here are my favorite picks from the Macy’s Friends & Family Event.  And this birthstone jewelry deal is a dandy one!

Dandy Deal #1:  Birthstone rings for only $14!

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.44.02 PM

Get yours HERE.

Dandy Deal #2:  Birthstone earrings for only $14!


Get yours HERE.

Dandy Deal #3:  Birthstone pendant and earrings for under $27!

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.51.04 PM

Get yours HERE.

Happy shopping and make your own family tradition with this birthstone jewelry deal dandiness!

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