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How To Make A Boxed Cake Mix Taste Made From Scratch

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It’s never a bad idea to keep one or two box cake mixes in your pantry. They’re really quite versatile and affordable. The constant worry though is if the finished product will actually taste good. Don’t stress about that. It’s easier than you think to make a boxed cake mix taste made from scratch! 

Box cake mix with made from scratch taste.


How To Make A Boxed Cake Mix Taste Made From Scratch

What follows is a list of tips in regard to improving the flavor of these mixes. These tips work so well your family will probably think your cake (or cake-related dessert) is made from scratch.


Get The Made From Scratch Taste

Sprinkle Batter with Sugar

This is such a cool tip! Sprinkling the top of your batter with sugar, before putting it in the oven, does two things. It keeps the cake from rising too much is it bakes. It also gives it a slight crunchy texture.

Double Your Layers

Frosting helps a cake retain moisture. For this reason, turn a two-layer cake into a four-layer cake by splitting the baked cake rounds in half. This way, more frosting is required without the added work.

Layer cake made from scratch with stars.

Display on a decorative cake stand.

Add Your Favorite Extract

It’s easy to “jazz up” the flavor of a boxed cake mix, by adding a capful of your favorite extract to the ingredients. This can be as simple as using vanilla, if you prefer. Other flavor possibilities include almond, orange, lemon and coconut. Works best with white or yellow cake.

Add Mayonnaise

Another quick addition to store-bought cake mix that really makes a difference is mayonnaise. Mix in approximately two tablespoons, to totally improve both texture and taste.

Use Real Butter

It’s no secret that real butter tends to be expensive. But, using it to improve a boxed cake mix is imperative. Butter has SO much more flavor than vegetable oil! Replace the called for amount of oil with melted or softened butter. You won’t regret it!

Add an Extra Egg

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the difference one extra egg makes in a boxed mix. Your cake ends up being denser and extremely moist. No more crumby cakes!

Delicious made from scratch black forest cake with cherries on top.


Get Wild and Crazy

There are very few rules to follow, and when whipping up a store-bought cake. That being said, why not get wild and crazy in the kitchen? Try adding melted ice cream in place of the liquid ingredients or even replacing the liquid ingredients with a can of pumpkin purée. The choice is up to you!

Easy Made From Scratch Taste

It’s that easy! These are just a few ways to improve a boxed cake mix. As you can see, they don’t cost a fortune and really do make a difference.


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