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Build A Bear Despicable Me 3 Event

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You could say that we’ve had a Minion week around here. A few days back was the movie screening for Despicable Me 3. My older son and I were able to attend. Such a cute film! We laughed and laughed. And now you can say that we will be having a Minion weekend around here, too! Tomorrow night we are going to be attending the Build A Bear Despicable Me 3 event and my kids cannot wait. They have been talking about it all week long. It’s going to be quite the dandy time!

If you are looking for a something fun to do this weekend then you should head over to your local store and attend the Despicable Me 3 event for yourself!


Each month Build A Bear has special events that anyone can attend. You can see all the various events on this page HERE. This weekend is in celebration of the new Despicable Me 3 being released in theaters. July 29th-July 4th is the event that you don’t want to miss!

What’s happening:

  • When you purchase $40 or more that includes a Despicable Me 3 character then you will receive a FREE Fandango child’s movie ticket so that you can head over to the theaters to see Despicable Me 3.
  • Event guests will also receive a FREE poster for the new movie with any Despicable Me purchase.
  • There will be some trivia fun at the stuffing station and free coloring sheets!

See an associate or find more details HERE.

Are your kids fans of Build A Bear?

Will you be going to the Build A Bear Despicable Me 3 Event?

Which furry friend will you be taking home with you?

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