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How To Get A Build-A-Bear For The Price Of Your Age

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Ages ago I remember eating at a buffet with my family and kids would eat for a penny a pound. That’s a pound as in the kid’s weight. There was literally a scale next to the register and kids would weigh in! I was always underweight as a child, so in 5th grade my family only had to pay 50 cents for me to eat. Quite the deal! I haven’t seen a deal quite like that one until now. Well, kind of like it. This Thursday at Build-A-Bear  you’ll be able to get a furry friend for the price of your age. Can you imagine kids having to weigh in these days? Oh my. I like the pay your age idea much better. Especially as an adult. My Build-A-Bear will only be $39 instead of my weight being… Well, no need to do the figuring on that!

Such a dandy deal!

How To Get A Build A Bear For The Price Of Your Age

I’m sure you’ve noticed the previous blog postings that show that we are big fans of Build A Bear at our house. We love the making bears and the new Bakeshop.

Image source: Build-A-Bear

Pay Your Age Day. I cannot wait to take my kids to our local Build A Bear on July 12th. We will be getting a furry friend for $4, $6, and $10. Can’t beat that. To take part in this amazing savings and be able to pay your age at Build A Bear, just sign up for the Bonus Club HERE and then head into a store near you on July 12th.

This is the best deal ever so you don’t want to miss out. Plan to go into a Build-A-Bear near you this Thursday and get yourself a new furry friend! I just told my kids about the plan this week and they are ecstatic! Stay tuned… I’ll post on Instagram when we celebrate Pay Your Age Day!


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