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Where To Buy Fidget Spinners Online

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Like the majority of the time… I am yet again late to the game. But better late than never I suppose! What I’m talking about are these fidget spinner things. The last few days I’ve been seeing people all over social media talking about fidget spinners. The different styles/colors of ’em, tricks to do with ’em, how to make ’em, etc. It’s everywhere. Not just here in the Lou. Apparently the craze has taken the Nation by storm. All the while I’m feeling very much out of the loop. Panic has even begun to take over with fidget spinners being SOLD OUT. You know that’s a sign of a successful fad. When the item is unavailable to most. But I’ve found that there are a few places online where you can find your own fidget spinner in stock. You might have to pay a tad more because of the mark up of supply and demand, but the rate doesn’t seem to be too awful. No need to drive all over the place looking for one when you can just order it. *wink*


Since I’ve been living in confusion over this for days now, I finally decided to just up and read up on these spinners. I found out that they were actually invented in the 90’s (as a way to release stress) but for whatever reason they have gained popularity as a toy. Then I posted on Facebook and asked my friends what’s the deal with these things. I asked my 9 year-old if he knows what they are. Of course he does. He told me that he doesn’t really care to have one but that kids are allowed to use them in class if it’s used as a tool and not a toy. So there’s that. Even my husband knows about these things!


Where To Buy Fidget Spinners

(left to right)  Best Price 2 Edge – Green 

LED – LincolnGlow in the Dark


I also think this camo model is pretty fun looking.


It’s available HERE.

Which fidget spinner is your favorite?


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