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Where To Buy A You’re Killing Me Smalls Shirt

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The movie Sandlot recently celebrated 25 years. That fact already had me feeling a tad bit old. Okay probably the fact that I’m turning 40 next week is what has me feeling the age… But 25 years since the Sandlot first came out?! How is that even possible? I would imagine that most of us are feeling old on account of the age of the movie, but prepare yourself to feel really old when you find out the reaction from a young one wearing a You’re Killing Me Smalls shirt. Brace yourselves. The age train is about to come into the station!

Earlier this week one of the actors from the movie (Patrick Renna) posted the following on Twitter:

And the crowd went wild!

Why? Because a millennial was walking around NYC and didn’t even realize that the kid on his shirt was standing in front of him now as a grown adult. Oh my. Told you that would make you feel old. I betcha he will never forget Patrick’s Renna’s face (then and now) as long as he lives!

Lesson learned? If you are going to wear a t-shirt for a movie then at least know a little bit about the characters. Especially is it’s a “vintage” movie.

You can get your own You’re Killing Me Smalls shirt HERE.

And don’t worry. You aren’t really that old.

The Sandlot was realeased in April of 1993. It became an instant hit among kids of that generation and went on to become a cult classic. The movie starred Tom Guiry, Mike Vitar, Karen Allen, Denis Leary and James Earl Jones. Filmed in Midvale and Ogden, Utah, it was set during 1962 surrounding the life of a boy moving to a new town and gaining friendships. A beloved coming of age film that will make anyone reminisce about their own child. A true classic that needs to be enjoyed. Not just in the form of the You’re Killing Me Smalls shirt.

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