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Candy Corn And Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats For Fall

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I love everything there is about fall. Including the candy corn and all of those little creamy pumpkins. So delicious. I know that some people can’t stand candy corn, but it’s one of my favorite Halloween treats. This candy corn and pumpkin rice krispies treats recipe combines so many fall flavors into one. Very similar to the mummies from a couple of weeks ago, but has more delicious icing to enjoy.

Like the mummies these are perfect for creating at the school Halloween parties because all the ingredients comes packaged. That way the ingredients can be taken into the school nurse and be approved for the party. No need to worry about not being able to take a made-at-home snack in for the school parties. This is my go to way to work around the food allergy issue. Something that I know a lot about with a little guy who has a peanut allergy at our house.  yummy snack that also takes up party time for the kids to decorate. Definitely a win-win for all the party planning parents out there!

Easy To Make Mummy Rice Krispies Treats

What you’ll need:

* If a nut allergy in the classroom is a concern then make sure to check the ingredients on the candy corn and pumpkins to make sure they are produced in a nut free facility. I do know that the Coastal Bay brand sold out Dollar Tree is both gluten free and peanut free.


What you’ll do:

  • Ice the rice krispies treats with white icing.
  • Cut pumpkins in half from top to bottom.
  • Add sprinkles and candy corn or pumpkins.

Seriously that easy and to make!



I hope you enjoy these candy corn and pumpkin rice krispies treats as much as we do at our house! They are the perfect Halloween treat that the entire family can enjoy. Also don’t forget about using this recipe for the school parties. Enjoy!

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