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5 Reasons To Celebrate At Build-A-Bear Bakeshop

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On December 27th our girl turned 6. It’s hard having a birthday 2 days after Christmas. There’s usually just so much going on with the hustle and bustle of the season. I never thought that we’d have a child with a birthday so close to Christmas. She was an entire month earlier so was quite the surprise and she has been surprising us ever since! Because of the timing of her birthday, we always make sure that she knows her day is separate from the holidays. This year was no exception. She got to pick where we ate dinner and then we headed over to Build-A-Bear Bakeshop for dessert. (We were invited to do a store visit for this review.) The very first Build-A-Bear Bakeshop opened recently right here in St. Louis. And it’s the perfect place to celebrate!


5 Reasons To Celebrate At Build-A-Bear Bakeshop

1.)  The shop is darling.

Seriously oh so darling. It’s located in the heart of West County Mall and such a welcoming place. Such bright colors and fun atmosphere.


2.)  Cupcake decorating.

Bakeshop has everything you need to decorate a really tasty cupcake. Check out all those fun sprinkles!



3.)  Unique milk flavors.

Have you ever had cotton candy flavored milk before? At Build-A-Bear Bakeshop you can! Our kids loved that there were so many different unique flavors to choose from.



4.) Delicious bakery case.

So many yummy looking treats! My girl was really impressed with that unicorn cupcake. I’m sure she wondered why my decorating skills aren’t quite like that…



5.)  It’s so much fun.

Our kids had a blast decorating cupcakes. So much entertainment and then they got to enjoy eating their sweet creations. A great family bonding time way to celebrate our girl’s birthday!




Have you ever been the Build-A-Bear Bakeshop?

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