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Where To Buy A Cheap Dress With Pockets

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It has pockets! That’s a popular phrase these days. Every woman is in love with a dress with pockets. Especially us moms. We know the importance of having pockets. If you are on the hunt for a cheap dress with pockets then look no further. I found THE BEST floral dress. If you follow me on Instagram then you may remember me wearing it on Mother’s Day. This find was seriously an amazing price AND it has pockets!

Now there was only one review on this particular dress and it was a bad one, so I did take a major chance. But for $9.99 I figured why not? Plus, I could always have returned it. And I did in fact need to do some returns because I ended up ordering a few sizes. This cheap dress with pockets runs REALLY small. Like really, really small. I ordered my size per the size chart but it was wrong. So then I ordered the next size up as well as the next one. The dress two sizes up was the perfect fit. Just keep that in mind when you order.

Where To Buy A Cheap Dress With Pockets

It’s definitely not a stretchy cotton, but I like the fact that the stiffer fabric makes it more dressy for church. Perfect for Mother’s Day with my kiddos!


And… my husband captured this one of me during our photo shoot.

He always makes me laugh and I sure do love that about him.

The dress is available HERE for only $9.99.

It comes in two color options.

I got the one with the black background. Perhaps I’ll have to get the white background now, too!

When I first started locking for a cheap dress with pockets, I was surprised by all the options out there. HERE are a few more that you should totally check out.

Happy Shopping!




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