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How To Make Cheesecloth Ghosts For Halloween

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How about a blast from the past with a super easy Halloween craft for kids to create??? Cheesecloth ghosts are soooo easy to make! And the perfect way to decorate for Halloween time. These transparent ghosts are also great for fall decorating and Halloween party decor. Plus, if you are a Disney Halloween fan then I’m sure you are thinking of the Disney’s Haunted Mansion when you see these ghost decorations!

How To Make Cheesecloth Ghosts For Halloween

Once upon a time I had a giveaway blog where I did a few fun craft posts and fall decor ideas from time to time. I like to crafting and DIY Halloween is a favorite because I really love the holiday.

One of my favorite Halloween ideas that I blogged about was where I created some cheesecloth ghosts with Parker when he was little. (You can see the original post HERE.)  The year?  2012.  The place?  Our current home.  The month?  October.  Back when the original post made its debut it was a little late in the month for Halloween decorating.  Sure it was still a fun easy Halloween craft to do with the kids but it would have been nicer if I had posted it just a tad bit earlier.  This time around I’m ahead of the game.


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Disney Haunted Mansion Ghosts

These DIY cheesecloth ghosts have always reminded me of the Disney Haunted Mansion. It’s a family favorite ride. And you know those transparent ghosts dancing around in the dining room during the dinner party scene? Cheesecloth ghosts work perfectly for decorating like that! Make some ghosts our of cheesecloth and decorate like a festive Disney Halloween. Get more Disney Haunted Mansion decoration ideas on the blog HERE.



Halloween Craft Idea

Everyone likes a good holiday craft especially when it’s a really simple DIY. Have you started decorating yet??? I mean it IS the time of year that the decorating for Halloween can officially commence. Even though I think stores are trying to convince us otherwise and to skip just on by the fall holidays altogether. Because there’s already Christmas stuff out! I mean seriously. I saw Christmas decorations the other day at Hobby Lobby.  I have a feeling that they’ve been there since after Easter…  But right now it’s the time for the October holiday so how about prepping for All Hallows’ Eve by creating a really easy Halloween craft?  I’m talking one that the kids can even help you to create. These DIY cheesecloth ghosts are such an easy Halloween craft for kids!

If you remember I shared with you back in the day how my darling audiologist man would make these cheesecloth ghosts with his mother every Halloween while growing up in Sugar House, Utah.  He actually had to teach me how to create ’em because I had never been privy to such knowledge before.  Prepare yourselves because I’m going to now share with you how to create a very easy Halloween craft in just 5 easy steps.

Easy To Make Cheesecloth Ghosts

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Step 1:  Gather your supplies.  To make the cheesecloth ghosts you will need a package of cheesecloth (you can get it HERE) and a can of spray Mod Podge.  You can picked up both at the craft store or most grocery stores will carry the cheesecloth.  If you don’t have sprayable Mod Podge then a can of spray starch or hair spray will also do the trick.  You’ll also need some aluminum foil, duct tape, empty water bottles, and some pencils or sticks.  Most of those items you should be able to gather around your house.


spray mod podge, reynolds wrap, aluminum foil, cheesecloth


Step 2:  Build the ghost forms.  You can use any type of bottle really or tall object.  We used various sizes.  First just ball up a piece of aluminum foil and affix to the top of the bottle or object with duct tape. Then use the duct tape to attach pencils or sticks as the arms of the ghost form.  We use orange peelers and wire because I couldn’t find any pencils at that moment.


ghost form, kids craft, Halloween diy, halloween craft

Halloween decor, ghost form, DIY cheesecloth ghosts, kids craft, Halloween diy, halloween craft


Step 3:  Drape the cheesecloth over your forms.  Be sure to have ample amount of cheesecloth hanging over the form.  It should be billowing around the bottom of the form.  This way you will have a base at the bottom for the cheesecloth to stand up on its own.


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Step 4:  Spray Mod Podge.  Coat the cheesecloth with a thin layer of sprayable Mod Podge.  Basically just spray all over and then let dry.  Then spray again to ensure that the cheesecloth is stiff.  Allow the cheesecloth ghosts to dry for several hours (or over night).


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Step 5:  Remove the ghost form.  After your ghosts are completely dry then you can carefully pull the bottle out from under each one to remove the form.  You are left with a ghostly apparition that stands up all on its own!


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Happy Halloween Crafting!

Have you ever made cheesecloth ghosts before?

What do you think of this easy Halloween craft idea?


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