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Chevron Teal Pumpkin Printable Sign For Halloween

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Happy fall y’all! Are you ready for Halloween? How about the whole teal pumpkin thing? Become a teal pumpkin house with this teal pumpkin printable. Get the free Halloween printable below!

Allergy friendly teal pumpkin free printable.

Chevron Teal Pumpkin Printable Sign For Halloween

I regret to say that I never paid too much attention to the teal pumpkin project until I needed to. In many ways I wish that I had been more understanding of school aged children when my oldest started kindergarten. I found it frustrating that certain treats couldn’t be in the classroom for holiday parties. Then our youngest had a reaction to peanut butter and my mindset definitely changed.

Peanut Allergy AND Tree Nut Allergy

Our youngest is allergic to both peanuts and tree nuts. As a parent of a child with life threatening allergies, it’s scary that he can be unsafe at school. That’s supposed to be a safe place for all children. He is very much aware of his allergy and makes sure to ask before he eats anything, but I’d be lying if I said that I still didn’t worry. Today in fact he told me after school that someone sitting near him at lunch was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then he said, “She’s didn’t know it’s bad. Don’t worry mom. I didn’t have an allergy.” He’s in kindergarten. No child should have experience this. Their childhood shouldn’t be full of life threatening moments.

People just don’t know.

Part of my own disinterest in the past was lack of knowledge. People often don’t realize that having a food allergy is so dangerous. It’s time to raise aware and educate others. Many don’t even know what the teal pumpkin project is. That’s where this Halloween printable comes in. Join the initiative, use the teal pumpkin printable in fun chevron style, and find out how you can become a teal pumpkin house.


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More than just the teal pumpkin printable…

It really is easy to become a teal pumpkin house.


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I like to put out a teal pumpkin that contains treats everyone can enjoy.


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Many of the miniature candy bars, even those not containing nuts, are produced in a facility that has nuts. Which means that kids will nut allergies have to avoid those treats. Halloween trinkets are often cheaper than chocolate, so why not give out some non edible treats?

Especially when you can get 120 items for less than $15!

Teal pumpkin Halloween trinkets.
These are available HERE.


Chevron Teal Pumpkin Printable

Simply print off this teal pumpkin sign, place it in a spooky picture frame, and set it on your front porch next to some Halloween trinkets.

Teal pumpkin welcome sign for Halloween.


Get the printable HERE.

Pin it for later!

Easy DIY teal pumpkin printable.


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