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Chocolate Depression Cake Recipes You’ll Need To Try

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I recently read that the depression cake (also called wacky cake or crazy cake), made from simple ingredients, has made a comeback. This could very well be due to the fact that some feel limited in the amount of pantry staples at home. It is undoubtably a cake that existed in many family histories. Read on to see the best chocolate depression cake recipes that you will definitely need to try at your house!

Delicious chocolate depression cake recipes

Chocolate Depression Cake Recipes You’ll Need To Try

Life during the Great Depression was a struggle. While I didn’t live through that trial, I also would never compare it to the struggles we are living through today. Sure social distancing and social isolation during this time is difficult and many people are struggling, but nothing at all compares to the era of life in which our grandparents and  great-grandparents lived through. We are fortunate to have so many more resources today than existed then. I recently thought of those family members as I sewed masks. It’s something that I could do to help during these challenging times and somewhat similar solution during the Great Depression.



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I grew up hearing stories from my great-grandmother about sewing clothing and curtains from flour sacks.


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Best Chocolate Depression Cake Recipes

Depression cake lacks eggs, butter, and milk. These chocolate depression cake recipes all look and sound so delicious!


Vanilla Depression Cake


Not a fan of chocolate? Premeditated Leftovers has a recipe for vanilla depression cake and there’s a recipe for vanilla crazy cake from Totally The Bomb!


And if you happen to have some other extra ingredients, dress the cake up a bit by adding layers, icing or fruit.

Depression era chocolate cake icing strawberries


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