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Chore Rewards For Kids

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Some homes have allowance.  We are not that type of home.  Perhaps we will be one day but for now we are a chore rewards kind of house.  Our kids earn rewards for doing chores but probably still different than most families do.  We don’t do the chore reward chart thing.  Rather we have a method that works for us and keeps the kids totally engaged in the process.  We have an onyx apple and armadillo.

chore rewards

Using all® free clear!

You might be thinking that we are crazy and that children would never be motivated to do chores by pieces of rock but hear me out.  It really does work!


How To Do Chore Rewards Using An Apple & Armadillo

Step 1:  Place a few small toys or trinkets on a shelf.  Doesn’t need to be anything of great monetary value.  Just something small that your kids like and will be motivated with.


Step 2:  Then place the onyx apple and armadillo away from the toys so that they need to “walk” along the shelves to ultimately arrive at a trinket destination.


Step 3:  When a chore is done then move the onyx piece a step or two towards the goal.


Step 4:  If a child refuses to do a chore then the onyx moves backwards further away from the reward!

Eventually kids will earn their reward and be excited to do more chores!


Recently I used this exact chore rewards method in teaching our older son to help with the laundry.  It’s time for him to start to learn such things.  Plus in our case our son was happy to comply so his armadillo would get closer to his next prize.

I started by having him gather all of his and his siblings clothes.  No need to do an entire load with only his clothes in it!  Then I showed him around our dungeon of a laundry room in the basement.


all® free clear liquid and all® free clear mighty pacs

Using all® free clear type of detergent is perfectly dandy for my tribe because we have an extra sensitive guy at our house.

The baby of our family has severe allergies and asthma so we have to be extra careful with anything and everything he comes in contact with.  Fortunately for our family all® free clear is the #1 detergent recommended by pediatricians, dermatologists, and allergists.  This detergent fits us perfectly!

all® free clear detergent will actually remove 99% of those everyday/seasonal allergens that my little guy suffers from.  He’s allergic to oak of all things so the ability to remove contaminants from his clothing (after playing outdoors in our yard that is full of oak trees) is wonderful!  Disclaimer:  The allergens that are removed by all® free clear include “cat and dog dander, dust mite matter, ragweed, grass, and tree pollen”.

Back to my laundry helper…

laundry helper

Keep in mind that I only taught our 8 year-old how to help with the laundry.  It’s important to note that I had our son collect the dirty clothes, put the clothing into the machine and press the button to start the machine… BUT I handled the detergent.  We adults are much more careful with such things and children shouldn’t be handling laundry detergent.  Always supervise ’em!

My kiddo enjoyed helping with the laundry.  We will just save the folding process for another day.  He is only 8.  *wink*  But before he knows it his armadillo will arrive at the next prize stop and that will keep him interested in doing more chores.


I found my all® free clear laundry products at our local Walmart.  It’s a brand new location and so convenient to get to!  Be sure to pick up some all® free clear of your own on your next shopping trip at Walmart.

walmart laundry

And… be on the look out for other bloggers using the hashtag #FreeToBe.  There will be lots of great ideas and tutorials for you to see!


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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