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Christmas Cactus Meaning: Unique Gift Idea Plus Free Printable

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There’s just something extra special about the unique gift idea of a Christmas cactus. It’s perfect for the holiday season even more so because the Christmas cactus meaning is delightful. This little plant has quite the history and not just legend.

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Christmas Cactus Meaning: Unique Gift Idea Plus Free Printable

Quite a few different meanings and stories behind the holiday cactus actually exist. A Christmas cactus only blooms around the holidays and perhaps that why the legend is more spiritual than not.

First, there’s the story about a young boy in the jungles of South America looking for a sign of Christmas. It never felt like Christmas in this region due to the the excessive heat. He came across a cactus that was typically green to find that it had flowered in time for Christmas. The sign he was looking for.

Another story also comes out of South American. A missionary is struggling to convert the people and is feeling quite discouraged. At Christmas he’s surprised when the people show up carrying the glorious, flowering plant to present to him. He then realize that they’ve been listening to him after all. It’s a beautiful story of faith and hope.

I particularly like to think of the Christmas cactus as a beautiful end to any given year. When the cactus blooms it’s during the time of year that’s typically dreary. A way to brighten the season. Even more meaningful for 2020!

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Christmas Cactus Gift Idea

I love giving the gift of a Christmas cactus. It’s one of my favorites. I have my own Christmas cactus from a cutting of my grandmother’s cactus. It’s that much more special to me.

This year I decided to create a Merry Christmas card to go with the Christmas cactus that I gave to friends and the kid’s teachers. I got the various shades of cactus from my local Trader Joe’s, but any garden shop carries this festive plant this time of year or you can get one HERE.

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I think it turned out cute and figured I’d pass the printable along to you!



Free Printable Christmas Card

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Get the free printable HERE. Such an easy Christmas gift idea.

I hope you enjoy giving this gift as much as I do!


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Wednesday 20th of January 2021

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