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How To Clean Glass Cooktops With Norwex

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Confession time. I know that many people love cooking with gas but I am not one of those people. The thought gives me nightmares. Perhaps the cooking is more even or more fantastic to others but since I’m not a master chef then I honestly don’t notice the difference. I guess you could say that I like to keep things simple when it comes to cooking. When we first moved into our house there was a gas cooktop. This was all new to me and the clicking starter sound really gave me the heebie-jeebies. What’s more? I spilled a glass of water on the island (where the gas cooktop lived) and the liquid went in the downdraft at just the right location to short the whole deal out. Lots of smoke and the smell of burning wires ensued. From that point on we’ve had a glass cooktop and I’m quite happy with the arrangement. The only has been stress figuring out the best way to clean glass cooktops. Everyone seems to have an opinion on it but I’ve found that this is what works for me.

If you have a glass cooktop then you’ve been there. At one point or another your cooktop has looked horribly drab. It has looked very dirty. It has lost its shine. I has looked like this:

I’ve tried loads of different products in the cleaning process of our cooktop and I’ve struggled. Until now. Recently I used the Norwex Cleaning Paste on the cooktop and I was surprised at how quickly it got the job done. Plus, the product is eco-friendly and safe to use without gloves on. The active ingredients are: Marble-flour, natural soap and traces of coconut oil. That’s it. The cleaning paste contains no phosphates, poison or acids. As in I don’t need to worry about my kids getting into it. Definitely an all around win in my book!

How To Clean Glass Cooktops With Norwex

Step 1:  I first used a Norwex Spirisponge to remove the stubborn baked on areas. Those spots came right off!

Step #2:  Next I took a damp Norwex kitchen cloth and rubbed it lightly in the cleaning paste. A little bit goes a long way.

Step 3:  Then I just started cleaning away all the grime by rubbing the cooktop in circles.

You can see how it came right off and stayed on the cloth!

Continue working in circles until the entire cooktop is clean.

Step 4:  Finally I used the Norwex window cloth to polish the glass.

Then I stepped back and admired the shine!

You might remember that I used the window cloth in conjunction with the EnviroCloth to clean my stainless steel refrigerator. I love using the Norwex cloths to clean because there’s no waste. When finished I rinse the cloth and hang it to dry. Then it’s already to use again once dry because the unique silver fibers kill the bacteria. More on that when I do the blog posting on cleaning the cloths. *wink*

That dandy kitchen towel and cloth set are available HERE.

Remember to stay tuned for additional Norwex product reviews. We will be having a Facebook party at the end of the complete blog series with Meri Haertel, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant. (She sent me the above products to review.) The party will start on May 2nd. It’s going to be a fun time so you don’t want to miss it! You can go ahead join the party page HERE.

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