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Cleaning Stainless Steel With Norwex

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Stainless steel appliances and kids are not a good match. Seriously. Our kitchen is full of stainless and the refrigerator is constantly covered in little finger prints! When it comes to cleaning stainless steel I’ve tried so many different techniques. So many different products. My mom even got me some expensive cleaner to use on it. It worked with a great deal of elbow grease but only lasts so long. Then the product needs to be replaced. Over and over again. A vicious cycle. Not to mention that it’s probably not that great for the environment. I’ve been looking for awhile to find a stainless cleaning product that not only cleans well, but saves money at the same time. I found that in Norwex cleaning cloths. And Norwex products are safe for the environment! It’s a win win.

Best way for cleaning stainless steel appliances to make stainless steel shine.

Cleaning Stainless Steel With Norwex

It’s so easy to use the various Norwex cloths to clean your entire house. For stainless steel you only need to use the EnviroCloth and water for the cleaning part. Then you’ll polish with the Window Cloth. Only use water to clean? No harsh chemicals? Only need two cloths that can be used over and over again? Helps to protect the environment? It’s true!

Norwex cloths for cleaning stainless steel.

These two cloths will clean an entire fridge and so much more!

Here’s my refrigerator with all the smudges everywhere. Tons of tiny fingerprints.

Cleaning stainless steel smudges and fingerprints.

Smudges and fingerprints on stainless steel.

Such a mess!

How To Clean Stainless Steel

To clean my stainless steel refrigerator I just simply wet the EnviroCloth and wring it out so it’s just damp.

Norwex EnviroCloth and hardwood floor.


Then I wipe down the entire fridge. The stuck on chocolate syrup that my kids magically drip down the doors comes off with ease and actually stays within the fibers of the cloth so I’m not smearing it everywhere.

Cleaning stainless steel with a Norwex EnviroCloth.

You can already start to see it shine!

Finally I finish with the Window Cloth as a polisher.

Polishing and cleaning stainless steel with a Norwex Window Cloth.

Not going to lie. I had some spots on there that I thought were a defect in the stainless or something? Came right off with that polishing cloth. There you have it. My perfectly brand new looking stainless steel refrigerator! Doesn’t it look so shiny?

Want to know something kind of depressing? Now that it’s all shined up I can see the places that my darling children have dented in the stainless. Sigh. At least it’s so shiny that everyone is more drawn to how clean it looks!

Do you think that the cloths are finished there? Not even close. I move on to clean windows.

Cleaning French Doors with Norwex.

Even the glass blocks in my bathroom are no match for Norwex!



Glass block wall in bathroom.

Clean bathroom with Norwex.

Norwex Products Clean Stainless Steel

The Norwex Basic Package (that includes both cloths) is so versatile at cleaning your entire house. It’s the best way for cleaning stainless steel!

Stay tuned for some additional Norwex product reviews HERE.

Meri Haertel, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant 


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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