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Company Musical Revival Takes The Stage in St. Louis

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There’s good company on the stage at the Fabulous Fox! Fans of classic musical theater are being drawn to the Broadway revival of Company and a new generation is experiencing it in a whole new way. The lead character has been gender swapped and the touring production of the Company musical revival has landed in St. Louis. With a talented cast and unique scenic design, there are more than a few reasons to see this smash hit musical comedy!

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Company Musical Revival Takes The Stage in St. Louis

The concept of stage play meets musical production to create a Tony Award winner with a 50-year history!  

My husband and I were able to attend opening night of Company at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. 

fabulous fox theatre st louis

Date night was such a fabulous time together.

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Company Musical Revival

It’s an award winning show (nominated for an astounding fourteen Tony Awards and winning six, including Best Musical and Best Score) that feels like a fusion of stage play and music combined to create a concept musical. The original production hit the stage in 1970 with a lead character named Bobby. He gathered with his closest friends, and fellow New Yorker residents, to celebrate his birthday. The Company musical revival has made some slight changes, with a female character replacing male Bobby, but ultimately stays true to its original spirit as it offers up a fresh and modern perspective for a new age of audience. 

While this musical has been revived quite a few times, the current bringing back to life received nine Tony Award nominations and went on to win five! One of the most notable Tony Awards was the win for Best Revival of a Musical. Here’s an inside look at what you’ll find in the updated version of George Furth’s groundbreaking musical comedy:  

Bobbie’s 35th Birthday Party

The phone rings and rings and rings with multiple messages being left to wish New Yorker Bobbie a happy birthday and so begins the story of a 35-year-old woman who hasn’t met the right man. Think something that feels West Side Story only with a single woman who feels stuck in between the lives of her friends as a constant third wheel, or their visiting company. Bobbie’s friends are all married and come together to throw her a surprise celebration.

Several story lines are then shown through a series of vignettes that go back and forth to her birthday celebration, so you don’t know if they are in the past, present, or future. As a single woman living in New York City she is depicted as being envious of her married friends. She only wants to see the perfection in the relationships around her that through comedy are shown to be not all that they seem. Ultimately she comes to realize that her life is just fine and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating as her own company.

Once in a while a Broadway musical that combines talented with comedic unlike all the others comes along. This one has been revived many times and updated to fit the times. I think that’s just one of the reasons behind the gender-swap in this particular revival. While this wasn’t my favorite stage production (it’s just not my type of musical and we all have our favorites, right?), I can see how it has qualities that might resonate with many theatre goers. It depicts different types and struggles of married life brought to life on stage and eases tension with comedy to show these relationships.

Company Revival Musical Numbers by Composer Stephen Sondheim 

You’ll find Sondheim’s award-winning songs throughout this popular musical. Here are just a few that are better known:

Getting Married Today

Poor Baby

Tick Tock


Being Alive

company musical revival st louis fabulous fox theatre

What sets this production apart from the original?

  • Talented Cast: The leads (the understudy for Britney Coleman, Beth Stafford Laird, expertly took on the role of Bobbie for opening night at the Fabulous Fox) and supporting cast breathe new life into the characters. bringing their unique interpretations and captivating performances to the stage.
  • Unique Set Design: The set pieces are done in compartments that connect together to create a unique way to tell the story from room to room across the stage.
  • Contemporary Updates: 21st-century New York is the setting to resonate with the contemporary audience.

Is the Company musical kid friendly?

The musical “Company” is not recommended for children. It contains adult content, suggestive material, alcohol use, and drug use. So definitely reserve this one for date night or a girls night out without kids.

Catch one of the great performances before it leaves town!

The Company musical revival is on stage until March 10th. Get your tickets HERE.


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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