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Dandy Collectible: Most Expensive Barbie

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As a child I had lots and lots of Barbie dolls.  Alright.  Not going to lie.  I still have all of those Barbie dolls.  My mom kept everything.  Many of my 80’s toys are in pristine condition and my children play with the toys when we visit my parents.  My little girl especially likes the Barbie collection at Gran and Boompa’s house.  Now I may still have a lot of Barbies in my parent’s closet but I can promise you that I don’t own the most expensive Barbie.  Not even close.

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I’d be willing to bet that you spent hours playing with Barbies, too.  What girl didn’t?  It’s a rite of passage don’t you think?  Our moms played with Barbies.  We played with Barbies.  Our daughters play with Barbies.  And the world goes ’round.  I would spend hours creating these really dandy storylines and productions.  I might not be able to draw a straight line but I’d like to think that I’ve still creative with the ability to tell a story.

So maybe some of your mothers had Barbie dolls.  Did your grandmother have her own Barbie?  Mine did.  Nana bought a Barbie back when the doll first came out.  No one ever played with the doll.  The doll’s purpose was to be a dress form so that Nana could sew Barbie doll clothes for her nieces.  A sweet story don’t you think?  My family still has “the” Barbie and these days she rarely comes out of her original box.

barbie collection

She’s one of the original Barbies but she’s still not the most expensive Barbie.

The most expensive Barbies can be seen in this video:

So I don’t own the most expensive Barbie…

But to my daughter?

barbie girl

My collection is very valuable and worth so much in her eyes.

It brings her happiness.

And that is dandy.

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