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Dandy Deals Of The Day

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Disclosure for this deals of the day posting:  This posting does contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale) but all opinions are strictly my own. 

You might be thinking that this should be titled DEAL of the day instead of in the plural form.  I know that I typically see and hear about the deal of the day.  That’s most common don’t you think?  But who really wants to see just one deal?  I mean aren’t DEALS more dandy?  After all some people might not be too partial to that one item that I deem to be the deal of the day.  So I’ve decided that I’ll share with you my THREE picks of dandy deals of the day.  Sound good?  If this is well received then I’m sure that I’ll do this again.  *wink*

Dandy Deals Of The Day


State charm bangle with turquoise dangle for only $7.99.


Vintage art prints for only $3.28 each.



12×24 Vinyl Sheets for only $2.49 each roll.

And now…

Let’s have another look at those state charms because they sure are dandy!


Adorable, right?

Thoughts on this dandy deals of the day business?  Should I keep posting ’em?  Once a week?

Tell me what you think!

Sharing is Caring

Help spread the word about all the dandiness. Thank you, friends! You're so dandy for doing it!