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Complete December Hallmark Christmas Movies List

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It’s almost December 1st!!! The season of Thanksgiving is over and now it’s time to continue on to all things Christmas. You all know that I love all things Christmas. It’s such a special and wonderful time of the year. And Christmas movies are my favorite! All of the December Hallmark Christmas movies are prefect for getting you in the holiday spirt. Below is the continuation of the ever popular Hallmark Countdown To Christmas. You can see the previous dates and times of movies November Christmas movies  HERE and October Christmas movies HERE. Both are great lists so you can use the previous to research when the movies will be on again. There are so many dandy December Hallmark Christmas movies that I cannot wait to watch!

Complete December Hallmark Christmas Movies List

Friday, December 1st

  • 2am/1c One Starry Christmas
  • 4am/3c Fir Crazy
  • 6am/5c A Boyfriend For Christmas
  • 8am/7c A Holiday Engagement
  • 2pm/1c Merry Matrimony
  • 4pm/3c The Mistletoe Promise
  • 6pm/5c Let It Snow
  • 8pm/7c The Mistletoe Inn
  • 10pm/9c The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
  • 12am/11c A Wish For Christmas



Saturday, December 2nd

  • 2am/1c Crown For Christmas
  • 4am/3c Best Christmas Party Ever
  • 6am/5c Christmas Land
  • 8am/7c Every Christmas Has A Story
  • 10am/9c Enchanted Christmas
  • 12pm/11c My Christmas Love
  • 2pm/1c Finding Santa
  • 4pm/3c The Christmas Train
  • 6pm/5c Switched For Christmas
  • 8pm/7c Christmas In Evergreen
  • 10pm/9c The Sweetest Christmas
  • 12a/11c A Royal Christmas


Complete December Hallmark Christmas Movies List

Sunday, December 3rd

  • 2am/1c The Christmas Cure
  • 4am/3c A Rose For Christmas
  • 6am/5c Christmas In Homestead
  • 8am/7c A Dream Of Christmas
  • 10am/9c Ice Sculpture Christmas
  • 12pm/11c The Mistletoe Inn
  • 2pm/1c Christmas in Evergreen
  • 4pm/3c Christmas Incorporated
  • 6pm/5c With Love, Christmas
  • 8pm/7c Christmas At Holly Lodge
  • 10pm/9c The Christmas Train
  • 12a/11c Sleigh Bells Ring



Monday, December 4th

  • 2am/1c Christmas Cookies
  • 4am/3c A Christmas Melody
  • 6am/5c Moonlight & Mistletoe
  • 8am/7c Help For The Holidays
  • 1pm/12c One Starry Christmas
  • 3pm/2c A Christmas Detour
  • 5pm/4c The Sweetest Christmas
  • 8pm/7c Miss Christmas
  • 10pm/9c A Rose For Christmas
  • 12am/11c Just In Time For Christmas



Tuesday, December 5th

  • 2am/1c A Holiday Engagement
  • 4am/3c Annie Claus Is Coming To Town
  • 6am/5c Fir Crazy
  • 8am/7c Hitched For The Holidays
  • 2pm/1c Hats Off To Christmas
  • 4pm/3c On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas
  • 6pm/5c Crown For Christmas
  • 8pm/7c Christmas Under Wraps
  • 10pm/9c Enchanted Christmas
  • 12am/11c The Christmas Parade



Wednesday, December 6th

  • 2am/1c Sleigh Bells Ring
  • 4am/3c Family For Christmas
  • 6am/5c Baby’s First Christmas
  • 8am/7c Matchmaker Santa
  • 2pm/1c Best Christmas Party Ever
  • 4pm/3c My Christmas Dream
  • 6pm/5c The Christmas Train
  • 8pm/7c Christmas Incorporated
  • 10pm/9c Christmas Land
  • 12am/11c Christmas In Homestead



Thursday, December 7th

  • 2am/1c Merry Matrimony
  • 4am/3c Naughty Or Nice
  • 6am/5c Love You Like Christmas
  • 8am/7c I’m Not Ready For Christmas
  • 2pm/1c A Christmas Melody
  • 4pm/3c Christmas Cookies
  • 6pm/5c Christmas At Holly Lodge
  • 8pm/7c With Love, Christmas
  • 10pm/9c The Christmas Train
  • 12am/11c Snow Bride



Friday, December 8th

  • 2am/1c The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
  • 4am/3c A Boyfriend For Christmas
  • 6am/5c Christmas At Cartwright’s
  • 8am/7c Once Upon A Holiday
  • 2pm/1c A Bride For Christmas
  • 4pm/3c A Royal Christmas
  • 6pm/5c Switched For Christmas
  • 8pm/7c Christmas In Evergreen
  • 10pm/9c Finding Santa
  • 12am/11c My Christmas Love



Saturday, December 9th

  • 2am/1c Ice Sculpture Christmas
  • 4am/3c Every Christmas Has A Story
  • 6am/5c Just In Time For Christmas
  • 8am/7c Best Christmas Party Ever
  • 10am/9c My Christmas Dream
  • 12pm/11c A Perfect Christmas
  • 2pm/1c A December Bride
  • 4pm/3c Christmas At Holly Lodge
  • 6pm/5c Coming Home For Christmas
  • 8pm/7c The Christmas Cottage
  • 10pm/9c Marry Me At Christmas
  • 12a/11c The Nine Live Of Christmas


Complete December Hallmark Christmas Movies List

Sunday, December 10th

  • 2am/1c 12 Gift Of Christmas
  • 4am/3c Christmas List
  • 6am/5c Broadcasting Christmas
  • 8am/7c Crown For Christmas
  • 10am/9c A Wish For Christmas
  • 12pm/11c Switched For Christmas
  • 2pm/1c The Christmas Cottage
  • 4pm/3c The Christmas Train
  • 6pm/5c Christmas In Evergreen
  • 8pm/7c Sharing Christmas
  • 10pm/9c A Gift To Remember
  • 12a/11c The Mistletoe Promise



Monday, December 11th

  • 2am/1c Looks Like Christmas
  • 4am/3c A Cookie Cutter Christmas
  • 6am/5c Window Wonderland
  • 8am/7c On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas
  • 2pm/1c A Boyfriend For Christmas
  • 4pm/3c ‘Tis The Season For Love
  • 6pm/5c Christmas Cookies
  • 8pm/7c Once Upon A Holiday
  • 10pm/9c I’m Not Ready For Christmas
  • 12am/11c A Christmas Melody



Tuesday, December 12th

  • 2am/1c Fir Crazy
  • 4am/3c A Dream Of Christmas
  • 6am/5c Merry Matrimony
  • 8am/7c Let It Snow
  • 2pm/1c With Love, Christmas
  • 4pm/3c Christmas List
  • 6pm/5c Snow Bride
  • 8pm/7c A Gift To Remember
  • 10pm/9c A Wish For Christmas
  • 12am/11c The Christmas Train



Wednesday, December 13th

  • 2am/1c Broadcasting Christmas
  • 4am/3c One Starry Christmas
  • 6am/5c All I Want For Christmas
  • 8am/7c A Bride For Christmas
  • 2pm/1c Just In Time For Christmas
  • 4pm/3c The Christmas Parade
  • 6pm/5c Switched For Christmas
  • 8pm/7c My Christmas Dream
  • 10pm/9c Christmas At Holly Lodge
  • 12am/11c Crown For Christmas



Thursday, December 14th

  • 2am/1c The Mistletoe Promise
  • 4am/3c Hitched For The Holidays
  • 6am/5c Catch A Christmas Star
  • 8am/7c A Royal Christmas
  • 2pm/1c The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
  • 4pm/3c Help For The Holidays
  • 6pm/5c Sharing Christmas
  • 8pm/7c The Christmas Cottage
  • 10pm/9c Christmas In Evergreen
  • 12am/11c 12 Gifts Of Christmas



Friday, December 15th

  • 2am/1c Best Christmas Party Ever
  • 4am/3c Moonlight & Mistletoe
  • 6am/5c A Cookie Cutter Christmas
  • 8am/7c Family For Christmas
  • 2pm/1c Christmas At Cartwright’s
  • 4pm/3c Looks Like Christmas
  • 6pm/5c Marry Me At Christmas
  • 8pm/7c A December Bride
  • 10pm/9c Coming Home For Christmas
  • 12am/11c Love You Like Christmas



Saturday, December 16th

  • 2am/1c A Very Merry Mix-Up
  • 4am/3c Matchmaker Santa
  • 6am/5c The Christmas Cure
  • 8am/7c the Mistletoe Inn
  • 10am/9c Every Christmas Has A Story
  • 12pm/11c Christmas Incorporated
  • 2pm/1c Christmas In Evergreen
  • 4pm/3c Sharing Christmas
  • 6pm/5c Finding Santa
  • 8pm/7c Christmas Next Door
  • 10pm/9c Enchanted Christmas
  • 12am/11c Christmas Under Wraps


Complete December Hallmark Christmas Movies List

Sunday, December 17th

  • 2am/1c Christmas In Homestead
  • 4am/3c Merry Matrimony
  • 6am/5c Ice Sculpture Christmas
  • 8am/7c A Rose For Christmas
  • 10am/9c Once Upon A Holiday
  • 12pm/11c Christmas Festival Of Ice
  • 2pm/1c Christmas Next Door
  • 4pm/3c The Sweetest Christmas
  • 6pm/5c The Christmas Cottage
  • 8pm/7c Romance At Reindeer Lodge
  • 10pm/9c With Love, Christmas
  • 12am/11c My Christmas Love




Monday, December 18th

  • 2am/1c A Christmas Detour
  • 4am/3c Christmas Land
  • 6am/5c Hats Off To Christmas!
  • 8am/7c Christmas At Holly Lodge
  • 2pm/1c Merry Matrimony
  • 4pm/3c Miss Christmas
  • 6pm/5c Christmas Under Wraps
  • 8pm/7c A Very Merry Mix-Up
  • 10pm/9c The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
  • 12am/11c Coming Home For Christmas



Tuesday, December 19th

  • 2am/1c A Christmas Detour
  • 4am/3c Christmas Land
  • 6am/5c Hats Off To Christmas!
  • 8am/7c Christmas At Holly Lodge
  • 2pm/1c Merry Matrimony
  • 4pm/3c Miss Christmas
  • 6pm/5c Christmas Under Wraps
  • 8pm/7c A Very Merry Mix-Up
  • 10pm/9c The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
  • 12am/11c Coming Home For Christmas



Wednesday, December 20th

  • 2am/1c Help For The Holidays
  • 4am/3c Window Wonderland
  • 6am/5c ‘Tis the Season For Love
  • 8am/7c A Wish For Christmas
  • 2pm/1c Sleigh Bells Ring
  • 4pm/3c A Gift To Remember
  • 6pm/5c Enchanted Christmas
  • 8pm/7c Christmas In Evergreen
  • 10pm/9c Sharing Christmas
  • 12am/11c Christmas Cookies



Thursday, December 21st

  • 2am/1c Let It Snow
  • 4am/3c Annie Claus Is Coming To Town
  • 6am/5c Naughty Or Nice
  • 8am/7c Snow Bride
  • 2pm/1c A Christmas Detour
  • 4pm/3c A Dream Of Christmas
  • 6pm/5c Christmas Land
  • 8pm/7c Romance At Reindeer Lodge
  • 10pm/9c Christmas Next Door
  • 12am/11c Christmas Incorporated



Friday, December 22nd

  • 2am/1c Once Upon A Holiday
  • 4am/3c Fir Crazy
  • 6am/5c Crown For Christmas
  • 8am/7c Just In Time For Christmas
  • 2pm/1c Switched For Christmas
  • 4pm/3c Christmas In Homestead
  • 6pm/5c Christmas At Holly Lodge
  • 8pm/7c The Christmas Train
  • 10pm/9c The Christmas Cottage
  • 12am/11c Every Christmas Has A Story



Saturday, December 23rd

  • 2am/1c Ice Sculpture Christmas
  • 4am/3c A Boyfriend For Christmas
  • 6am/5c A Christmas Melody
  • 8am/7c I’m Not Ready For Christmas
  • 10am/9c Looks Like Christmas
  • 12pm/11c The Mistletoe Promise
  • 2pm/1c Love You Like Christmas
  • 4pm/3c Romance At Reindeer Lodge
  • 6pm/5c Christmas Next Door
  • 8pm/7c Christmas Getaway
  • 10pm/9c A Royal Christmas
  • 12am/11c A Wish For Christmas


Which are your favorite December Hallmark Christmas movie?

If you like this complete December Hallmark Christmas movies list then be sure to check out the November list and the October list. Many of the movies are available to stream on Amazon!

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