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Did you find Inside Out sad?

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I have a question for you:

Was the movie Inside Out sad to you?

For my birthday earlier in the month this little girl and this little guy took me to the movies.


It was a fun date.

(My audiologist man kept the littlest guy home for nap time.)

The older of the two wanted to see the movie Inside Out.  He had been asking to see it forever.  Honestly I was starting to think that we were getting close to being the last family  on the planet to not have seen it already.  All over social media I noticed people on their 3rd and 4th times of seeing Inside Out.  So I said sure.  After all we could not end up being the very last family to see it.  I wasn’t going to allow that to happen.  So off we went to the theater.

We arrived early.  We got our popcorn and sodas.  We found the perfect seats.  And then… I started to get nervous.  Why?  Well, I didn’t remember hearing the words “Inside Out happy”.   I heard lots of “Inside Out sad”.  Everyone chattered all over on social media about how much they cried.  So here I was.  In the theater with my kids, preparing to see the biggest tear jerker of my life and I forgot the tissues!  I was seriously stressing.  Worried.  Wondering how my kids react?  Would they bawl their eyes out?


From Disney.

My mind was getting away with me.  No tissues.  All by myself with the kids.  A day before I turned… 29…  Just go with it.  Thankfully the previews began and I forgot all about the whole Inside Out sad thing.  We watched the preview for this dandy looking film:

The Good Dinosaur.  Thanksgiving Day 2015.


Looks really dandy.  A must see.

And then…

The movie started and I was just waiting, waiting, waiting for it to get sad.  And it didn’t.  Okay so it got a little bit sad.  I had tears.  But all the stress of something horrific in front of my kid’s eyes (like when Nemo’s mom got eaten) didn’t happen.

Now I don’t want to ruin the film for anyone else.  Since we weren’t the last family on the planet to see Inside Out then I know there’s someone else out there who will have that title.  So I don’t want to give away exactly what the sadness is.  It very much reminded me of the sadness I felt in Toy Story 3.  I guess the hype was built up too much and I was expecting something much more sad?  Don’t get me wrong.  It was still sad, but not earth shattering for me.  Perhaps if I watch it again when my kids are older then it will be absolutely devastating for me.  My little guys and little girl will not stay little forever.  *sigh* Parents of older kids.  Watch out.  This one is a real tear jerker for your stage in life.

What about you?  Did you find Inside Out sad???

Is it dependent on age of kids in your home?  Or was the hype built up way too high by the time I saw it?

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