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How To Throw A Disney Preschool Pirate Party

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We were beyond excited when we were selected to host another Disney Preschool Playdate! It’s such a fun time for the entire family and a great way to bring the magic of Walt Disney World into your home. Plus, the little ones of the house are always thrilled to have their friends over for such an event. They did the unboxing of the items we received for the party (see the video below) so they saw the contents but I still wanted to do something of a surprise for them. With the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming out I thought it would be fun to coordinate a little bit pirate with the Disney Junior items. So I did a mixture with the party theme this time around. Disney preschool pirate party with Mickey and the gang.

How To Throw A Disney Preschool Pirate Party

Step 1: Get some party supplies. We received a box of magic from Walt Disney World to use for the party.

Everything we needed to party came inside this adorable Sofia the First suitcase from American Tourister. I have to admit that the suitcase and Pillow Pets Dory didn’t make an appearance at our party. A certain little girl at our house claimed both for her very own and refused to let ’em leave her room.

Step 2: Make some invitations.

With the help of HP and My Printly app you can make invitations right on your phone. Then you can just print them off and send to your guests!

Step 3:  Get some party favors for your guests.


Mickey and Friends along with some pirate’s booty!

Step 4: Decorate.

There are so many Disney Mickey and Friends decorations out there. The majority for our party came in the box from the Disney offices but I saw many of the same decorations at my local Dollar Tree. So be sure to check there if you are looking for Disney party supplies.

Step 5: Gather a few of your preschool age friends together and party!

For our party the little preschoolers played “Find the Hidden Mickey”, decorated some Mickey ears (with pirate gold and pirate jewels), and made their own palm tree pirate cookies!

Remember to wash those little hands before eating and after getting messy with the crafting.

Step 6: Have treats that preschoolers love to eat.

Everyone loves popcorn and Pop Secret makes it super easy to serve at any party.

Just pop it in the microwave!

The kids loved making these palm tree cookies. I think they turned out pretty cute.

I’ll have to create a tutorial for how to make ’em and share on the blog. *wink*

And there you have all the information on how to throw a dandy Disney Preschool Pirate Party!

Another very dandy thank you to all the brands who helps to make this party possible!

Do you like to throw Disney themed parties?


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