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DIY Disney Pumpkin Template #GoodDino

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Pumpkin carving time is upon us!  Have YOU ever used a Disney pumpkin template?  At our house we like to create pumpkin masterpieces.  It’s so dandy and so easy to do with a good template.  Don’t let me fool you.  We use templates.  Lots and lots of templates.  Without the template I can do a couple of misshapen triangles and a semblance of a mouth.  I’m just not the type of person who can create a pumpkin work of art without the template.  If you can then props to you.  You are much better at pumpkin art than I am!

DIY Disney pumpkin template. Dark Halloween night. Easy to create.

Years ago in San Antonio, my husband and I would get together with our friends to carve pumpkins. It was an annual tradition. We’d print off some great templates and use sophisticated carving tools. We even had a pumpkin power saw! I highly recommend using one of the battery operated carving tool. Definitely helps to get the perfect edge while carving.

DIY Disney Pumpkin Template #GoodDino

Now if you are like me and absolutely need a good Disney pumpkin template then I’ve got one for you!  Of course.  *wink* This template is easy to print and use. Kids will love creating the dinosaur image. Plus, you can watch 

The Good Dinosaur Disney pumpkin template.

Image source:  The Good Dinosaur


Get your own The Good Dinosaur Disney pumpkin template HERE.

There’s also tons more to see on:



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