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DIY 100th Day of School Rainbow Shirt

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Hey, 100 Days. I see you! This year I don’t have a kindergartener, so I’m missing out on the whole 100th day of school festivities. I’m sure they will still celebrate a little bit in the other grades, but not like in that first year of elementary school. It’s a big deal in the K grade. The first time ever to accomplish 100 days of school. It’s a milestone that will never happen again and also a way to get kids excited about attending school for the next 12+ years. Last year my girl and I created this DIY 100th day of school rainbow shirt. Super easy to make and I think turned out super cute. At least Ivy loved it and that’s the most important thing!

Easy DIY 100th Day of School rainbow shirt for kids.

DIY 100th Day of School Rainbow Shirt


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Time to celebrate 100 days over the rainbow!

In preparation for the 100th day of school 2018, I asked our daughter what theme she wanted for her shirt. She instantly requested a rainbow shirt. Of course I could have done the typical gluing on of Skittles candies or buttons, but then I started to get nervous about drawing a freehanded rainbow. I’m not that artsy and my drawing is atrocious. So I decided that I’d put my vinyl cutter to work for me. Exact rainbow made really fast and then ironed right onto the shirt. While I was working on the outlines of the rainbow, I had the idea of dots in colors of the rainbow… So the idea of 100 fingerprints was born! This worked out perfectly for our daughter to create her very own colorful shirt.

Easy To Make 100th Day Shirt

What you’ll need:

Heat transfer vinyl for 100th Day of School rainbow shirt.

Easy DIY Ideas

What you’ll do:

  • cut out rainbow design on a vinyl cutter or freehand (This rainbow svg file HERE is perfect for creating this particular 100th day shirt.)
  • iron on the vinyl rainbow
  • use fabric paint to put 100 fingerprints all over the rainbow

*Optional: You can put the “100 days over the rainbow” phrase on the shirt or leave it blank.

Painting 100th Day of School rainbow shirt with fingerprints.


Happy 100 Days of School

It’s seriously that easy to make and will bring lots of smiles… Both from your Kindergartener and everyone at school! Kids will really enjoy creating this rainbow masterpiece. Let the celebrating of the 100th day of school begin!

Easy to make 100th Day of School rainbow shirt to celebrate 100 days of school.


100 Days of School and Beyond!


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