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DIY 60 Minute Skirt Tutorial Gift Idea

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Say it with me… Homemade Christmas Gifts Are Dandy! I’ve been having the whole Christmas shopping thing on my mind lately.  It’s just over a month away, friends!  I’m quite behind on this endeavor actually.  What should I buy?  What should I make?  Do I have the time to make anything?  Homemade Christmas gifts are pretty dandy but there’s not a lot of time left to get in on that type of giving.  Unless… You make a gift in just 60 minutes!  Now that’s fast and dandy.  What exactly do I have in mind?  How about something like this 60 minute skirt tutorial From The Blue Chair?

skirt tutorial


Download the PDF for the DIY 60 minute skirt tutorial HERE.

Kati is the talent behind that skirt tutorial.  She and I were roommates back in college living in Provo, Utah.  Kati is an amazing seamstress, quilter, crafter, and photographer.  See?  I have talented friends who can teach me how to be talented.  *wink*  I just really need more time to be more crafty.  Anyone have the solution on how to get more of that?

I’ve got an entire stash of fabric upstairs.  Guess I need to get started on making some of these darling skirts.  Can you just imagine the possibilities?  You could even do a very small version to fit an 18 inch doll.  Possibilities. Endless. Basically more homemade Christmas gifts  than you will ever know what to do with!

Speaking again of the homemade Christmas gifts…  I think that would be a very dandy series to post right here on the blog.  Being that it’s ’tis the season and all.  How does that sound?

Stay tuned for more homemade Christmas gifts.

What did you of this DIY 60 minute skirt tutorial? Easy to make? Share with us the print of fabric you used. I just love me some fabric…

Happy crafting and be sure to check out some other great DIY projects HERE.



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