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DIY Bird Nest Christmas Tree Ornament German Legend

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The school parties are finished!!! It has been one very long week. As promised, here’s the ornament craft that I taught my daughter’s second grade how to make at their school holiday party today. This DIY bird nest Christmas tree ornament is actually something that is near and dear to my heart so sharing the treasure with the next generation was quite special.

Easy DIY bird nest Christmas tree ornament German legend printable

DIY Bird Nest Christmas Tree Ornament German Legend

When I was a child my grandparents gave me a beautiful bird nest ornament. They gave me many ornaments over the years and I still have all of them. My ornaments now reside each year on our tree. This particular bird nest ornament has a German legend written out on a card attached to it. It’s a treasure that I love displaying on our tree and tell the story to my children.


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How To Make The Bird Nest Ornament


What you’ll need for this Christmas tree ornament craft:

Craft materials for DIY bird nest ornament



What you’ll do to make this Christmas tree ornament craft:

DIY bird nest Christmas tree ornament tutorial

  • Use hot glue to attach eggs inside the nest.
  • Cut ribbon and glue on both side of the outer edge of nest to create the hanger.
  • Attach bird to ribbon or next. If you use these birds then you can just clip the bird onto the ribbon like I did. Otherwise you can glue a bird directly to the nest or ribbon.


German legend bird nest Christmas tree ornament red ribbon pine tree swag


Free Printable German Christmas Tree Legend

Here’s the German Christmas tree legend on a printable that’s perfect for affixing to the ornament for hanging on your tree or when giving as a gift.

According to an old German legend, if you find a bird nest in the tree that you harvest for Christmas you will have an entire year of health and happiness.

Christmas German legend free printable




DIY bird nest Christmas tree ornament

I hope you enjoy this Christmas tree ornament craft as much as I do.

Happy Holidays!


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