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DIY Faux Felt Ball Garland: So Easy to Make for Your Holiday Decorating

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Christmas garland is in no way a new way to decorate. It has been around for a very long time. The wool felt ball garland has, too. But faux felt ball garland that doesn’t require a needle and thread? I just came up with it!

christmas garland faux felt ball garland

DIY Faux Felt Ball Garland: So Easy to Make for Your Holiday Decorating

There are so many types of Christmas garland out there. Here’s one of my favorites!


History of Christmas Garland

Christmas garland has been around for centuries. It’s such an easy holiday decoration to go with any type of decor.


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Cost of Wool Felt Ball Garland

Real wool felt ball garland can be sooooo pricy. Depending on amount of feet, the real stuff can cost upwards of $10-$30 for 9 feet. That adds up fast when wrapping around or draping on a Christmas tree! 

real wool felt balls

Already made colorful wool felt ball Christmas garland available HERE



winter holiday wool felt christmas garland

Already made winter colors wool felt ball Christmas garland available HERE.




rainbow wool felt garland
Already made rainbow wool felt ball Christmas garland available HERE


DIY Faux Felt Ball Garland

You can always make your own DIY wool felt ball garland using with these balls here, but even that gets expensive. What to use instead of balls of wool felt to save money? I figured out a way to make 21 feet of faux felt ball garland for less than $7.

These pompoms look so much like wool felt and at over half the cost they are the perfect deal. Plus, at 1 inch they are a great size for making ball garland. The colorful pompoms are my favorite new way to make Christmas garland. Also can be used to make garland for birthdays and other holidays!

300 pompoms equal 21 feet of garland!


What you’ll need:

colorful pompoms craft

That’s all you need. No needle and thread required. I love how perfectly the pompoms adhere together with hot glue and there’s no need to worry about string showing in different lengths between each ball. 

As stated above, I absolutely love these pompoms for this craft. They are the closest thing to wool felt that I’ve found. Without the cost of wool felt of course. 1 inch in size and perfect for making Christmas garland. 


What you’ll do:

Step 1:  Lay out the pompoms. Do this in the color pattern that you’d like to follow. This will make it easier to not mess up the pattern by getting out of order.

colorful pompoms diy craft



Step 2:  Glue pompoms together one at a time using hot glue. I wouldn’t recommend other types of glue as it won’t adhere as well to the fibers of the pompoms. Hot glue works perfectly. 

making pompom garland with hot glue

hot glue dot on red pompom



Step 3: Put two pompoms together with hot glue. Just be sure to use a small dot of hot glue so when you press the pompoms together the glue doesn’t spill out on the sides. It will help to prevent burning your fingers, too! Repeat adding more and more pompoms until desired length is reached. 

making colorful pompom garland



Step 4:  Squeeze each pompom. This will make the 

making colorful pompom garland




Step 5:  Make lots of strands. Get creative with order and style!

diy faux felt ball garland



Step 6:  Wrap around or drape on your Christmas tree. Be sure to make extra long garland if you’d like to wrap around the entire tree.

Christmas tree faux wool felt ball garland


So fun and festive for holiday decorating!


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