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How To Make A DIY Frozen Sensory Tub

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I’m excited to start a new series called “Surviving Snowy Days”. I think it speaks for itself but let me explain a little bit. I was raised in Northwest Indiana. To say the least I am so used to the snow. My senior year I actually had to go to school after commencement to make up the amount of days we missed that winter. I’m am used to snow days. Fast forward to 8 years later to me being a stay at home mom and snow days have some how become the bane of my existence! I’m all for playing in the snow. Even though it takes almost twice as long to get my boys ready as they actually play outside. But when the windchill throws the temperature well into the negatives (brr) playing outside just isn’t an option. So this stay at home mamma had to become a PLAY at home mamma FAST!  First in the series is this really easy DIY frozen sensory tub play activity for kids to enjoy.

DIY Frozen Sensory Tub Play Activity

What you’ll need:

To make the “snow” I took three boxes of baking soda and poured them into a bowl. Watch out the dust kicks up a bit, try not to breath it in. Then I started mixing in water until the consistency clumped and would start to hold shapes (namely snow balls). I popped it in the freezer for a couple minutes to add another level of discovery.


After that I added a few drops of food coloring into the water. We were all out, but I usually use these water color tablets. It turned this fantastic color blue. I was going to add more things into the water before the boys got in but they were so excited!


I emptied almost an entire can of shaving cream onto a plastic plate and set it on top of the water. They started spraying everything and “painting” the walls with the shaving cream. It looked like a winery frozen land!


Once I brought the “snow” in Baby Cakes started scooping out holes with a spoon, he was so excited to get messy.


Munchkin started squishing his fingers and adding more water to see what would happen. He even said “it’s cold like snow too!”


They sprayed anything that moved and each other too!


All in all this was a huge hit! They played for at least an hour if not more, and might’ve played longer if the water hadn’t gotten chilly. The best part? They both were so warm and relaxed that they took a nap afterwards! Score! It was a huge hit, and they’ve asked to do it several times since. This will surely dub you a play at home parent!  Try it out and let me know how your kids like this easy frozen sensory tub play idea!


What do you do on snowy days with your kiddos?

I’ll share more tips and fun ideas in the future on ways to survive snowy days.

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