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DIY Gallery Photo Wall Using Vintage Picture Frames

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Are you looking for a farmhouse style way to display family pictures in your home? Here’s a unique gallery photo wall idea that you can replicate in your own home. It’s easy to create and completely DIY.

diy gallery photo wall vintage picture frames

DIY Gallery Photo Wall Using Vintage Picture Frames

Decorating with pictures has long been a staple look in my home. Especially with photographs that I’ve taken on our travels.

Chatsworth House


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The Chatsworth gardens were amazing.



Eiffel Tower

red eiffel tower pillow, eiffel tower photograph artwork, painted wood paneled wall

Oh how I miss Paris!


These types of pictures obviously have become more of an artwork type of decor within our home. I typically like to take pictures of places, building and things. Even when I took photography classes in college, architecture was my favorite to photograph. People pictures were always a struggle for me. Capturing the right amount of light in the eyes created a challenge that I was not up for.

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Family Pictures

While I’m not particularly a fan of taking people pictures, I do on occasion get a pretty great capture of my own children. Perhaps they are more artsy, too.


Temple Square


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This is one of my favorite treasures.


Over the years there are quite a few pictures of our kids that I’ve taken (as is evident on my Instagram), but it’s a matter of actually printing out the photos that gets me every time. One day our youngest asked why there were no pictures of him hanging on the wall. He’s now 6-years-old, y’all!

For Mother’s Day this year my husband printed out so many of our favorites and then created a gallery wall in our family room using some vintage frames that we had lying around in our basement. (I inherited a bunch of these unique frame from my Nana.) I’m so glad that he did this for me and I love how he put so much thought into the gift. It’s a look that I’ve been wanting to have on the wall for a long time and it turned out beautifully with vintage picture frames!


How To Create A Gallery Photo Wall With Vintage Picture Frames


What you’ll do:

  • Pick up some unique vintage pictures frames at a thrift store or garage sale. Or find them in your own basement like I did!

vintage picture frames, farmhouse style, hardwood floor


vintage picture frames, picture frames, gallery photo wall, farmhouse style, family pictures

Fill up those vintage picture frames!


It’s that easy to do!


I love this wall of family pictures so much.

vintage picture frames, gallery photo wall, diy, family pictures, red eiffel tower pillows, farmhouse style, vintage pole lamp, ceiling wood beams, painted wood paneled wall

The perfect addition to our family room. Plus, it’s farmhouse style!


Don’t forget to order your prints HERE.


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.


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