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DIY Home Manicure For Winter Snow Days

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Our snow day fun from the weekend was short lived.  As in it was just a dusting.  The snow melted almost immediately but then our temperatures dropped into the single digits with windchill.  Not fun.  So now we are just shut-ins from the winter cold and not the snow.  It’s the perfect time of year (being shut-in) for a DIY home manicure. Definitely a great winter indoor activity.

Perhaps you are still snow bound though where you live and are looking for some more snow day activities? This in home manicure activity is perfect for that too.

DIY Home Manicure For Winter Snow Days

I actually did this particular activity when I was shut-in from the snow and I seriously LOVE how my manicure turned out.  For a while now I’ve been using nail wraps but recently I decided to also give the gel nails a try.


Of course I had to do something to fit the weather outside!

Can I just tell you that I’m addicted to the gel nails???  Seriously.  So dandy.  And so easy to do right from the confines of your own home when you are snowed bound!  Plus, this time I combined the nail wrap with the gel to create a really dandy looking accent nail.  Snow fun!

What’ll you need:

That’s basically all you need to do your own gel manicures at home! If you need everything above then it’s helpful to get the entire gel nail system HERE.

I haven’t been to a nail salon in YEARS. Why mess with the overpriced nail salons when you can get the same (and often longer lasting) results at home? In no time you will be saying goodbye to the overpriced salons just like I did and you will be saying hello to a DIY home manicure!

Are you a fan of gel nails?



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