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DIY Leprechaun Wall Decor Farmhouse Style Door Hanger

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Hey there, March 5th. I see you. It was time to get decorating around here and so I got my craft on. Do you have the luck of the Irish at your house? (Find out if you are truly Irish HERE.) This DIY leprechaun wall decor is the perfect way to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day. Plus, it doubles as a farmhouse style door hanger! Read on to get all the details on how to make this holiday decoration that you will use for years to come.

DIY St. Patrick's Day leprechaun farmhouse style door hanger.

DIY Leprechaun Wall Decor Farmhouse Style Door Hanger

Crafting is something that I enjoy and it makes me happy when I actually finish a project. Don’t even get me started on the amount of DIY projects that I’ve started and never finished. Or the amounts of fabric, crafting supplies, and yarn that I’ve moved from place to place. It’s a lot. So when I create a project that’s actually quick and easy to do then I know it’s something that I know definitely needs to be shared. I hope you enjoy this fun way to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day as much as I do.


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Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decor

This is by far the easiest craft I think I’ve ever made. I got everything I needed at my local Dollar Tree, so it’s a real money saver, too.

Supplies for DIY leprechaun wall decor


What you’ll need:

  • shamrocks
  • chevron ribbon
  • leprechaun top hat
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • pencil



What you’ll do:

  • Trim the tie off the top of each shamrock.

Easy to make St. Patrick's Day craft



  • Cut the ribbon the length that you prefer for hanging on the wall or a door.
  • Hot glue each shamrock to the ribbon.
  • I use a pencil to roll over the ribbon to avoid burning my fingers with the hot glue.


How to make a DIY leprechaun wall decor


  • Just know that you’ll collect a lot of glue on the pencil!
  • Continue to glue all the shamrocks onto the ribbon.


DIY St. Patrick's Day craft project.


  • Hang on the wall or a door and top with a leprechaun top hat! (Also from Dollar Tree.)


DIY leprechaun wall decor


Total cost on this DIY craft project? Lucky $7! Such a cute way to decorate and with that chevron ribbon (that’s burlap) it’s totally a farmhouse style door hanger.


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Sunday 31st of January 2021

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