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DIY Mason Jar Lid Coasters Made from Upcycled Winter Hats

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Give your well-loved winter hats new life by transforming them into adorable upcycled Mason jar lid coasters! Colorful mason jar lid coasters are a great addition to your coffee table. While there are lots of different versions of these coasters using mason jar rings, DIY Mason jar lid coasters made from upcycled winter hats is a fun way to add a pop of color to the room. This craft can also be done with brand new beanies that are always a great price at Dollar Tree. Let’s turn those old winter hats into shabby chic coasters!

diy mason jar lid coasters made with upcycled winter hats

DIY Mason Jar Lid Coasters Made from Upcycled Winter Hats

It’s easy to make your own custom coasters with old (or new) winter hats. This craft idea is also perfect for kids to make. Add a look of whimsical charm to your winter decor with this craft made from upcycled knit hats!

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What crafts can you do with Mason jars?

There are actually quite a few different Mason jar crafts that are fun to do and even make great crafts for kids to do. Mason jars are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of DIY crafts, thanks to their durability, transparency, and iconic shape. Here are some ideas to inspire your creativity:

Home Decor:

  • Terrariums: Create miniature ecosystems with plants, moss, and tiny figurines.
  • Candle holders: Fill them with candles or fairy lights for a warm, ambient glow.
  • Storage jars: Organize pantry staples, craft supplies, or bathroom essentials in style.
  • Soap dispensers: Upcycle them into cute and functional dispensers for hand soap, dish soap, or lotion.
  • Vases: Decorate with paint, twine, or fabric and use them for fresh or dried flowers.
  • Mason jar lanterns: Punch holes in the lid and add battery-operated tea lights for a whimsical touch.
  • Snow globes: Fill them with water, glitter, and miniature figurines for a winter wonderland scene.


Dollar Tree Mason Jar Lid Winter DIY Coaster Instructions

DIY mason jar lids coasters are a great craft for kids!

What you’ll need:

3 wide mouth jar lids

Hot Glue Gun


2 Dollar Tree Winter Hats

*optional – cork circles if you’d like more support in the center of the coaster.  

DIY Mason Jar Lid Coasters

What you’ll do:

Start by cutting up the winter hats. There are usually a few layers so make sure to uses sharp scissors and take your time cutting. You can cut along lines or patterns in the hat to help section the fabric out. Or cut more of a square to then shape down to a circle.

cutting snowflake fabric

Cut out circles. Put the outer part of the mason jar lid on top of the square you cut from the winter hat and then trim around to make the circle shape. (Or you can create an even more perfect circle pattern on parchment paper when you trace mason jar lid with a pencil.) When cutting the fabric into a circle, make sure not to cut too much as then it won’t fill the inside of the shiny side of the lid.

knit snowflake circle

Repeat. Cut out more circles of fabric from recycled winter hats in the color of your choice. 

knit snowflake circles

Hot glue mason jar lids. Add a thin line of hot glue to each inside of the mason jar lid and then add the center metal piece. 

hot glue mason jar lid craft
diy mason jar lid coasters

Finish coaster. Next add some hot glue to the metal inner piece and place the winter hat circle cut out on top pressing firmly and pushing the material to fit on the inside so you don’t have any gaps!

hot glue crafts
diy mason jar lid coasters

Voila! Your upcycled Mason jar lid coasters are ready to grace your tables both inside and out on the patio table. It’s that easy to add a pop of color to your own home decor! And the best part? They’re eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and undeniably charming.

diy mason jar lid coasters

Bonus Tips:

  • Use different wool textures and colors for a unique set of mason jar lid coasters.
  • Create the wide-mouth mason jar coasters using other types of fabric like burlap.
  • Spray paint mason jar lids to add even more color to the coasters.
  • Leave the lids silver or spray paint the mason jar lids for a whole different coordinating look!
  • Use cork board cut in a circle to place under the fabric circle for added support.
  • Create sets for seasonal themes. Think snowflakes for winter, flowers for spring, or candy canes for the holidays.
  • These coasters make a great gift! Tie them with ribbons and gift them to friends and family. Think delightful and sustainable presents!

This craft is the perfect solution for staying busy while being stuck indoors on a cold, winter day. So, don’t file your old winter hats away in a drawer. Give them a new lease on life with these fun and functional DIY Mason jar lid coasters. Warm up your drinks, embrace the joy of upcycling, and let your creativity blossom. Even when the snow flies!

winter snowflake mason jar lid coasters

I hope you enjoy making your own mason jar lid coasters! Happy crafting!

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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