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Easy DIY Orange Creamsicle Bath Bombs Recipe

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I don’t know about you but I love the smell of citrus. It’s perfect for the kitchen or just making the entire house smell CLEAN. You know what I’m taking about. The scent just smells clean. Like you’ve just cleaned all the wood floors and bathrooms. Now can you imagine the scent in your bath?! At home spa day! These DIY orange creamsicle bath bombs are easy to make and have the perfect scent of citrus. Get the recipe below!

Easy DIY Orange Creamsicle Bath Bombs Recipe, dollhouse ceramic tub

Easy DIY Orange Creamsicle Bath Bombs Recipe

Want to make more than just citrus bath bombs? These shower melts are easy to make, too!

Have a spa day!


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Citrus Bath Bombs

What you’ll need:

½ cup cornstarch

½ cup citric acid

½ cup Epsom salt

1 cup baking soda

1 teaspoon Mica powdered soap dye

1 tablespoon dried orange peel

5 drops orange essential oil

5 drops vanilla essential oil

2 ½ tablespoons coconut oil, melted

1 tablespoon water

8 to 10 bath bomb molds


ingredients for citrus bath bomb recipe, epsom salt, essential oils, vanilla, coconut oil, dried orange peel


1.  In a large bowl, whisk together cornstarch, citric acid, salt, baking soda, mica powder, and dried orange peel.

mixing bath bomb recipe, whisk cooking utensil, glass bowl

2.  In a small measuring cup, whisk together essential oil, coconut oil, and water.

orange essential oil, glass bowl

3.  Very slowly (to avoid as much fizzing as possible) add the water solution to the dry ingredients. Stir and mash together until it resembles sand.

easy recipe to make bath bombs

4.  Immediately transfer bath bomb mixture into bath bomb molds, pressing mixture tightly into each side and adding a little to overflow each side of the mold. Press the mold together and twist until closed.

bath bomb mold, citrus bath bombs, orange creamsicle bath bombs recipe

5.  Allow bath bombs to rest (and dry) for at least 24 hours.

6.  To remove the bath bombs from the molds, tap the outside of the mold gently. Then, twist each side of the mold and pull to remove the bath bomb.

orange creamsicle bath bombs, glass bowl

7.  To give as a gift, wrap tightly in plastic wrap or place in an airtight jar.

It’s that easy to create these citrus bath bombs! Perfect for your very own spa day at home!

white black ceramic dollhouse tub, orange creamsicle bath bombs


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