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Easy DIY Photography Backdrop Tutorial

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I always see these amazing photos of people, food, DIY projects, nails, etc with these gorgeous walls as a back drop. I don’t have amazing walls to have as a back drop for a picture. I also don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on those really nice backdrops. I also don’t have the room to store those huge backdrops either. I tell ya what I do have. I have a really amazing way for you to have those lovely backgrounds in your pictures with this dandy DIY photography backdrop tutorial. For all of you amazing photographers out there, be it amateur or advanced, I have  figured out a way for you to make one yourself. It’s easy to make, stores away easily and the best part is it’ll cost you less than $14!

Here’s a peek at what kind of pictures you’ll be able to take when you’re done!


Amazing right? Want to make one?

Easy DIY Photography Backdrop Tutorial

What you’ll need:

Grand Total: $13.92

Step 1: Unroll your paper, right side down, on the floor and place your poster board flat on it. Trace the board onto the back of your backdrop paper. (You could skip this step and put glue on the board and stick it on, but if you have any sort of pattern you might wait so your pattern doesn’t get glued on wonky).

diy photo backdrop, photo backdrop, easy, DIY photography

Step 2: Cut out your big rectangle and starting with one edge of your paper, begin gluing down your paper. I made sure to add extra Glue Dots near the edges and by the creases. That way the paper wouldn’t come up or fold wrong, making a nasty crease.

IMG_6214,diy photo backdrop, photo backdrop, easy, DIY photography

Step 3: Once the paper is all glued down, give it a couple extra rubs along the creases and edges. Slowly fold the board close and open again.

IMG_6219,diy photo backdrop, photo backdrop, easy, DIY photography

The paper will crease, but if you pick a paper with some detail in it, you won’t be able to see it. I also think making sure your subject isn’t flush against the paper you won’t see it no matter the color/ pattern of paper you choose.You’re done! Wasn’t that so easy!?

IMG_6220,diy photo backdrop, photo backdrop, easy, DIY photography, getting started, photography for beginners

Now you can prop the board up on the floor, or a table. Experiment with natural light as well as flash all while having a great backdrop that you can store easily anywhere!

IMG_6225, simple backdrop, easy backdrop, diy backdrop

Can you believe it?  This photo backdrop cost less than $14 to make!  I love the blurred background, not to mention my handsome subject! I think it’s also a great way to try your hand at still subjects, but still get a really nice picture!

IMG_6230, simple backdrop, easy backdrop, diy backdrop

You can’t even tell it’s not a wall or a super expensive professional photography backdrops. Photography tricks are some of my favorites. I hope you liked this photo backdrop tutorial and post. Would you be interested in more photography tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments below!

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