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DIY Removable Wallpaper That’s Peel And Stick

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I’ve been looking around the house lately and thinking what are some easy ways to update? Okay let’s be real. Easy and cheap ways to update. I’ve been wanting to put up wallpaper in our powder room, but I’ve heard that it’s a royal pain to do. Plus, one day it will be be outdates and need to be removed. I’m talking to you, country farm chicken wallpaper from the 80’s. Then I discovered the idea of DIY removable wallpaper. Read on to see how it works and a few of my favorite styles!

Easy DIY removable wallpaper in Swedish floral

DIY Removable Wallpaper That’s Peel And Stick

Peel and stick wall is easy to use and comes in a variety of styles. So many different patterns to choose from.


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Neutral tulip wallpaper

Image source: Home Depot


Different Styles of DIY Removable Wallpaper


Floral Wallpapers

In addition to the above floral pattern that I want to use on our stairs and in our powder room, there are so many other gorgeous florals. Plus, so many scream farmhouse style wallpaper to me!


Yellow Floral

Yellow floral peel and stick wallpaper

I love all things yellow. This pretty pattern is available HERE.





 Pink Floral

Gorgeous Pink floral DIY removable wallpaper
This style looks like an absolute dream. It’s available HERE.





Gray Floral

Gray floral peel and stick DIY removable wallpaper

The perfect neutral for any room. It’s available HERE.





Multi Floral

multi color floral wallpaper with cactus

So many gorgeous colors in one print! Available HERE.




Lemon Tree Wallpaper

Lemon Tree

Lemon tree DIY removable wallpaper

Not exactly floral, but can’t you picture this lemon tree wallpaper in your kitchen?! Available HERE.



Geometric Wallpapers

These geometric wallpapers are perfect for the modern home and I’ve seen them used as a fun look to a nursery wall.


Chevron Stripe

Chevron stripe peel and stick DIY removable wallpaper

This chevron look is on trend and available HERE.




Blue Modern

Blue modern geometric peel and stick wallpaper

Fun, ultra modern and available HERE.



Clearly I’m more partial to the floral! Now to get my order placed so I can start decorating up my walls.

Stay tuned for my picks of farmhouse style wallpaper!


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