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DIY Silhouette Nativity Christmas Tree Ornaments

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When it comes to Christmas decorations the look of a nativity silhouette is simple, but also a beautiful way to usher in the Christmas season. It’s easy to create DIY silhouette nativity Christmas tree ornaments to depict the birth of Christ. You can decorate with the true meaning of Christmas on a tree with all your other festive ornaments or on a tree that is only featuring the Christmas story!

Farmhouse style DIY nativity Christmas tree ornaments on Christmas tree antique clock.

DIY Silhouette Nativity Christmas Tree Ornaments

A few years ago I made some silhouette nativity ornaments to give to the youth girls at church. (You can see the ornaments HERE.) Such a meaningful reminder of the reason for the season! I loved how they turned out and decided that I needed to create an entire nativity tree for our home. And so I got to work on my own DIY nativity Christmas tree ornaments. I’m sharing below all the details for how to create these farmhouse style Christmas ornaments for your own tree!

Nativity Set – Perfect thing for holiday gift giving!

For the girls I had to make so many that I just went with the vinyl version. It was a simple DIY nativity ornament that only had the shape of the stable with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus on it. If I had more time then I definitely would have painted them. Since I’m not at all talented in my artistic abilities, I love using vinyl and a cutting machine to create my own stencils. It’s so easy to do and the vinyl adheres really well to the wood to prevent the paint from bleeding. Just stick the reverse portion of the vinyl design, paint and then peel!

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Farmhouse Style Christmas Magazine

A fun update!!! Last year I was approached by Country Sampler. The magazine was looking for nativity crafts to include in their special Farmhouse Style Christmas edition. They loved my version of the nativity scene Christmas ornament and featured it that winter! Being featured in the magazine will indeed go down in history as one of my favorite things and accomplishments.

Easy To Make Silhouette Nativity Ornaments

This step-by-step tutorial In particular this method is the easiest handmade DIY Christmas crafts that take not much time at all. A bit more time than simply placing the silhouette of a vinyl down onto a piece of wood.

What craft supplies you’ll need:

  • wood slices (These already have the hole drilled in the top of the ornament and come with twine to hang on the tree. I love that they have that rustic look.)
  • vinyl (Any color will do because it won’t be staying on the ornament. The vinyl is only used as a stencil.)
  • Silhouette vinyl cutter
  • black craft paint or black sharpie
  • stencil paint brush
  • ribbon (If your wood slices don’t already come with ribbon to hang the ornament.)
  • SVG nativity images for cutting out on a vinyl cutter.

What you’ll do:

  • Create the nativity vinyl cut outs in your vinyl cutter software. I got my nativity scene from Silhouette, but if you don’t have access to that then there are plenty available on Etsy HERE.

Nativity scenes Silhouette Studio software

  • Cut your vinyl designs and then weed out the center areas. (The parts that would normally be placed on a project.) Place the reverse vinyl images onto the wood slices. This will act as your stencil.

Nativity farmhouse Christmas ornaments
  • Paint the inner section. I did a few coats.
  • Before the paint completely dry, quickly pull off the vinyl from corner to corner.
  • Attach ribbon or a small piece of twine and hang on the Christmas tree!

Easy to make nativity Christmas ornaments

Very farmhouse Christmas style!

Thoughts on the Season

I positively love, love, love how these nativity Christmas ornaments turned out. So much so that I’m going to have to make more throughout 2020 to give as gifts next year. These make wonderful family keepsake gifts and unlike ceramic ornaments, the wood slice ornaments won’t shatter!

Can you believe is almost 2020? I cannot. This year seriously has flown by. It has been a tough year. But this holiday season brings with it rebirth. The nativity symbolizes that, and in many ways the thought was on my mind as I created these Christmas ornaments with the story of baby Jesus on them.

Much like I felt as I created the nativity ornaments a few weeks ago for the girls at church, I found myself again alone in our dining just taking time on the intricacies of each ornament. I reflected again on those moments when I first thought about the silhouette of those being placed on the slice of wood. They are always a meaningful reminder of the reason for the season. Their lives, while seemingly less than intricate starting out in a stable, were part of a design that was truly unlike anything else in this world. It was indeed intricate and created for all of us. For that I am eternally grateful.

Happy Holidays and may the New Year bring you an abundance of blessings.

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*** updated in 2022


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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