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DIY Simple Candy Corn Earrings

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There are many options when it comes to festive jewelry for the various holidays. But what about jewelry for Halloween? Personally I think candy corn is perfect for decorating oneself for the October holiday. Because… hello, candy corn!!! Simple candy corn earrings are so easy to make and a fun DIY to wear for Halloween. 

simple candy corn earrings

DIY Simple Candy Corn Earrings

Before we get into making some fun Halloween jewelry, let’s talk Halloween candy. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I love candy corn. Absolutely love it. Oh and those delicious little candy corn flavored pumpkins… I like those, too. For some reason there’s an entire crowd of people who do not like candy corn.


What’s the history of candy corn?

Candy corn was created over 100 years ago and has only continued to gain in popularity over the years. It was a sweet treat that many liked back in the day, but has since been pushed aside by other tasty Halloween treats. 


Why do people hate candy corn?

I’m not 100% percent certain why people hate candy corn so much. It’s definitely an unusual thing to have hatred over. Most people like candy, but for some reason candy corn is consistently making the list of worst candies. I’ve heard that it has to do with the flavor and texture of this Halloween treat. People just don’t like the waxiness of the candy at all.

Are you surprised to learn that I also really like that peanut butter flavored taffy that comes in black or orange waxed paper? So good. I apparently just have a palate that is all about the candy no one wants to eat!

What is candy corn made out of?

Is it wax? Is it sugar? What is the candy corn made out of??? Ingredients of candy corn aren’t that complex at all. Candy corn is simply made out of sugar, corn syrup, salt, sesame oil, honey, artificial flavor, and food coloring.


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Halloween Earrings

I appeared on Great Day St. Louis for a segment during the 10 days of Halloween to discuss Halloween books for kids. Going into the morning show appearance I really wanted to wear some Halloween jewelry. But I wanted something simple and not tacky.

Like with candy corn earrings… I didn’t want them to look outrageous, but I wanted the colors of candy corn. So I made my own!

I love how they turned out and these Halloween earrings are seriously so easy to make.

simple candy corn earrings


Making Your Own Simple Candy Corn Earrings

What you’ll need:



What you’ll do:

Using long nose pliers open bottom of earring to slide beads on.

bending angled earring wire with long nose pliers



Slide beads on in candy corn color combination.

opaque white orange and yellow glass seed beads on angled ear wire

I chose to place my beads top to bottom – white, orange and yellow, but can of course be done yellow, orange and white – in that order. It’s all up to personal preference.



Use long nose pliers to curl the earring wire closed again.

Halloween jewelry making


It’s that easy to make these simple candy corn earrings! And are they ever simple. 


simple candy corn earrings


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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