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How To Make DIY Tic Tac Snow Bags

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I decided to get crafty for my little gal’s birthday party last month. Since we had a snowflake theme going on… I figured the perfect party favors would be Tic Tac Snow bags. So I created some cute and easy to make DIY Tic Tac Toe “Snow” bags. Okay. I’ll be honest. It’s true that I had the idea of using snowflake and snowman mini erasers for the game pieces. So I definitely knew that it was going to be a snow themed Tic Tac Toe game. But what to actually call the game was being quite elusive. I asked my husband, “Now should it be called Snow Tac Toe? Or Tic Tac Toe Snow?” He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Tara, isn’t it obvious?” He even gestured the “you know” with his hands. Like trying to fish it out of my brain. I was still not getting it. Then slowly he said, “Tic Tac Snnoowww.” Wow. That’s brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that? I’m a tired mama that’s why. And so the full functioning idea of the Tic Tac Snow bag was born.

DIY Tic Tac Snow Bags perfect for a snowflake or Frozen themed birthday party.


How To Make DIY Tic Tac Snow Bags

These bags are so easy to make and the kids loved them. Perfect for a snowflake party!

What you’ll you need:

Easy to make DIY Tic Tac Snow Bags

What you’ll do:

  • Size the following image to fit your drawstring bags.


Tic Tac Snow Bags free printable.


Download the Tic Tac Snow PDF HERE.

  • Cut the above image out of heat transfer vinyl on your vinyl cutter. (Make sure to mirror the image before sending the vinyl through the cutter.)
  • Use an iron or heat press to affix the heat transfer vinyl to the drawstring bags.

Heat transfer vinyl Tic Tac Snow Bags.


  • Place 5 of each mini eraser in the bag.

Multi color Tic Tac Snow Bags with snowman and snowflake erasers.


That’s all you need to create these unique game bags!

These Tic Tac Snow bags make the perfect party favor and kids will enjoy playing the game during the party. Enjoy!

Light blue Tic Tac Snow Bags with mini erasers.


What do you think of these DIY Tic Tac Snow Bags?

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