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DIY Valentine Rag Wreaths For Double Front Door

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We have a double front door and I’ve struggled since the day we moved in with how to decorate it. The doors are very plain and I’m not really a fan of two wreaths… Maybe if the doors had a little more style to them? Or glass? But I’ve just had to embrace what we have. One day we will replace the doors (hopefully with something like this one), but for now I’ve just been having a good time making wreaths for both doors. Because with two doors I have to always have two wreaths! Recently I made some DIY Valentine rag wreaths and I’m quite happy with how they turned out. So much so that I decided to do a tutorial just to give you some more Valentine craft ideas.

DIY Valentine decorations. Easy to make Valentine rag wreaths perfect for double front doors.

DIY Valentine Rag Wreaths For Double Front Door

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What you’ll need:

  • 14-inch foam wreath (Get two wreaths if you want to make two.)
  • Approximately 4 yards of fabric. (I wanted 4 different colors in each wreath so I used 1 yard of each fabric.)
  • Pair of sewing scissors.

* If you’d only like to make one wreath then use just 2 yards of fabric.

Valentines fabric and foam wreaths for making Valentine rag wreaths.




For this rag wreath plan on making your strips of fabric around 2 inches wide and 18 inches long. Begin by making a small cut in the edge of the fabric. From there you will tear/rip the fabric into long strips. Then cut the strips to be the 18 inches in length.

Cutting the strips of fabric to make Valentine rag wreaths.



You’ll end up having 80 strips total (20 strips in each color).

Strips of fabric in pink and red colors for the Valentine rag wreaths.



Next you’ll tie each strip in a knot around the wreath. Do this in an order or pattern that you choose.

Tying the strips of fabric around the Valentine rag wreaths.



Push all the strips close together. This will hide the styrofoam but also make your wreath really full.

Easy Valentines Day craft ideas




Keep adding more strips by tying knots all the way around the wreath.

Making Valentine rag wreaths. Dining room with green walls.

Until your wreath is completely full!

Two Valentine rag wreaths for Valentines Day decorating.

This is by far my most favorite type of wreath to make. It’s so easy to do and is a great way to use up extra fabric. In fact all of the fabric I used actually came from my stash! I might have a fabric problem. Just a tiny one. I guess that just means I’ll have a rag wreath for every holiday!

Brick house front porch decorated for Valentines Day.


What do you think of the rag wreaths?

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Happy Valentine Crafting!

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Easy to make Valentine rag wreaths. Mint green front door.


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