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DIY Wet Sponge Darts Easy Outdoor Game

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Warm days are here at last! Thank goodness! My boys were about ready to throw in the towel and go completely nuts if we had to spend another day inside. But now the question comes, what outdoor activity will my kids enjoy doing? There are so many family activity ideas to choose from. Unfortunately many get overused and kids get bored. There’s the swing set, but it gets old, we’ve dug holes in the dirt and thrown sticks for the dog (he never brings them back). I was out of ideas and about a day away from the boys being done with the list above. I needed some new ideas, but more importantly I needed cheap, inexpensive ideas. That when I decided that sponge darts would be perfect for a warm day. It’s a fun outdoor game and the best part is you’ve probably already got everything on hand!

sponge darts easy outdoor game


DIY Wet Sponge Darts Easy Outdoor Game

This is such an easy sidewalk chalk game and kids love it. You can cut your sponges to look like actual darts or just use the run of the mill rectangle sponges. Either shape of sponge will work just fine!


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easy DIY outdoor activity sponge darts


What you’ll need for this DIY sidewalk chalk game:

Sidewalk Chalk (I bought a 20 pack at the Dollar Tree)- $1

Sponges (you could buy a 2 pack and cut them in half)- $1

Water & Bucket– Free (I already had the bucket)


What you’ll do for this outdoor game:

I drew a huge target on a our drive way. It was like crazy hard to do for some reason, maybe if I’d been in a pair jeans instead of a dress I could’ve got on the ground, oh well. I decided to make the center ring 50 points and counted out from 40 down to 10. That worked best for us because we’re actually working on counting by 10’s and throwing a 25 in the mix just wouldn’t fit.

Fill the bucket with water and soak the sponges.


kid playing sponge darts


Then I gave Munchkin the sponges and told him to throw away! He tossed one smack dab in the middle on his first try. That’s when I knew this game wasn’t going to last very long.


driveway sidewalk chalk game


He threw the other 3 sponges and said he was done. I was so bummed. I was sure if was going to last longer than the time it took me to draw the target! Then something incredible happened.


playing fun sponge darts game


Just as I was about to throw in the towel and try to come up with some new idea, I decided to sit back. We bought a water squirter from the dollar store as well. He picked it up, and somewhere in the middle of throwing the sponges he realized the chalk washed off the ground. Well I’ll tell you what, destroying my target was a blast! He was squirting and spraying and stomping. He loved it! It was like mesmerizing for him or something to see the chalk “disappear.”


Another fun outdoor game!

monster shirt and plaid shorts

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Then somewhere in the middle of Baby Cakes waking up and need a bucket refill they both decided The Black Pearl (our mini van) was pretty dirty and needed to be cleaned. They were scrubbing and spraying everything.


summer squirt gun green rain boots


The moral of my experience today was to just let my boys be little kids and not sweat the rest. The game was a hit for a whole 5 minutes but it got his creative juices flowing, he didn’t care how inexpensive the materials were, he was just happy to have free reign.


minivan squirt gun car wash


This summer I’m going to try and just relax and see what they come up with on their own. I’ll share some more inexpensive ideas in the future, because sometimes they need that little nudge to kick start some fun playtime and outdoor activities. It was basically an invitation to play on accident. I love that!


kids green rain boots with teeth and eyes

I hope your kids enjoy this sponge darts game as much as mine did!


Stay cool and relax for your own sanity 😀



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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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