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Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations Haul

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Wow. Did I ever find the best deals today. My kids have been asking and asking to get the Halloween decorations out. What can I say? It’s their favorite time of the year and mine too. They like to make our house spooky. It has become a family traditions once October hits. Bye, September. Hello, Halloween! So I dropped in to have a look at the local Dollar Tree Halloween decorations and came out with quite the haul!

Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations Haul

I’ll be sure to post a follow up after I’ve actually done the decorating. I just could not wait to tell you about my amazing haul!!!

Shop Scary-Good $1 Halloween Deals at

If you follow me on Instagram then I’m sure you’ve seen just a few of the Halloween decor deals already. But here’s my cart just in case you haven’t.

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When you outfit your front porch for only $12. *fist bump*

I still cannot believe that I scored all of that for only $12. Isn’t that amazing? Basically my entire porch is done. Or will be when I put the decorations out. Now to make time to do that… This school year is still tough around here. So many activities to get to. Here, there and everywhere!

But I will get those spooky decorations out. And soon. Can you tell that we are going for a skeleton theme this year???



Have you shopped the Dollar Tree Halloween decorations? What did you find?

What Halloween theme are you going for this year?

Happy Halloween Decorating!


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