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Don’t Throw Away Your Shot To See Hamilton, St. Louis!

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Hamilton IS happening in St. Louis and you do not want to throw away your shot to see the musical that’s unlike any other. Due to the world shutting down, we missed out on being able to experience this revolutionary show. And was it ever missed. But now it’s back at the Fabulous Fox Theatre and you definitely need to get tickets.

hamilton fox theatre st louis playbill

Don’t Throw Away Your Shot To See Hamilton, St. Louis!

Hamilton being in St. Louis… It feels like it has been a long time coming, because it has. I believe the last time it was at the Fox was in 2018. The show was supposed to be here the spring of 2020 and we all know how that went. Everything was cancelled, times were uncertain and we were just all trying to navigate the new normal. Last night at the Fox Theatre indeed felt normal again.

fabulous fox theatre sidewalk

With each show this season I think that it has felt more and more normal. Protocols have changed significantly, there’s a different feeling in the air and people are back out doing what they love to do. In fact the house was packed, as I’m sure it will be for the remainder of Hamilton’s run here. It was a long time coming to get to this place and I’m most definitely here for it all!

First timers seeing Hamilton. LOVED it.

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We Don’t Talk About Bruno, But It’s Okay To Talk About Alexander

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s We Don’t Talk About Bruno is a hit at our house. My kids sing lines from it pretty much every day. Like the rest of the world, they love Disney’s Encanto. And here’s the thing… I have not seen Encanto all the way through. Like I’ve seen parts of it, but our kids first sat down to watch it without us. They obviously couldn’t wait for us to be involved for movie night. Perhaps we need to have a movie night to watch it all together. I know the kids won’t complain about watching it again! But before Encanto and Bruno there was Hamilton and it’s not going anywhere. I don’t think ever.

Hamilton is not going anywhere. Lin-Manuel Miranda has indeed created a masterpiece. One that will be around for years to come. Only once in a while does something like this happen (think Phantom, Wicked, Les Misérables) and it’s always magic when it does. Hamilton is something that has absolutely never been done before. Others will try to replicate the design, and possibly will come up with something similar, but Lin-Manuel Miranda will always be the first.

Who Was Hamilton?

Alexander Hamilton is one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was heavily involved in politics both during and following the separation from England. Additionally he went on to author the majority of the Federalist Papers. A talented writer, he had intellect and accomplished much in life despite his humble beginnings. And yet he’s an important part of U.S. history that is often overlooked. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that he didn’t live beyond his late 40’s or it could be because of his personal life.

While Hamilton was controversial in his day, Lin-Manuel Miranda captured much of the untold story of his life, including his redemption. The story makes you feel all the emotions. It tugs at your heart, brings out anger, sadness and makes you laugh. You most definitely want to be in the room when it happens.

Hamilton Cast

The Hamilton cast is a big one so will vary each night. So many talented individuals go into this production.

Hamilton cast

Image source: Hamilton production photos, Joan Marcus

hamilton tour company

Image source: Hamilton production photos, Joan Marcus

I’d like to note that King George III is Neil Haskell who was in the original Broadway cast!!! So exciting to have him performing here. That is something that I did not expect at all so it was a great surprise. He is hilarious. And I must say is my favorite.

Hamilton King George Neil Haskell

Neil Haskell as King George

Image source: Hamilton production photos, Joan Marcus

You can see Hamilton now until May 15th at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis.

Be sure to hurry and get your tickets HERE.

What’s next up at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis? Disney’s The Lion King! I’m be taking my older daughter to it and she is sooooo excited. Disney’s The Lion King will be in town from June 1st to June 19th.

Get more details and that particular show and tickets HERE.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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