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Easiest And Best DIY Gel Nails You’ll Love

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So I did a thing. I’ve been using this one step gel polish for a while now. Since last summer to be exact. Especially even more so now because I clearly cannot go to the nail salon given the current circumstances. Get ready because I’m going to give you all the details on this DIY gel nails business!

Easy DIY gel nails


Best And Easiest DIY Gel Nails

Last summer I first heard about this new gel polish. I was intrigued by how quick it was to do and how long lasting. All DIY from home without having to visit the nail salon. One of my friends is an OBGYN and she swears by the stuff. I figured that if she could recommend a nail polish, when she washes her hands so much in a day, then it had to be good. So I gave it a try and I was hooked!


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GelMoment DIY Gel Nails

After using the product for 8 months, I finally decided to sign up as a consultant so I could share even more about this amazing product. It’s so easy to use and there’s not multiple bottles to set the gel. One bottle is all you need and it goes on just like nail polish! Paint it on and then set with the gel LED light.


Mini LED Lamp

This is the mini LED lamp that I started out with and it’s the perfect size for travel or home use. Get the mini LED lamp HERE.




Here are just a few of my favorite GelMoment colors.


Scarlet Slippers

Scarlet Slippers Gel Moment nail polish

Scarlet Slippers from GelMoment is available HERE.





Kameleon Spirit

Kameleon Spirit Gel Moment nail polish

Kameleon Spirit from GelMoment is available HERE.





April In Madrid

April In Madrid Gel Moment nail polish

April In Madrid from GelMoment is available HERE.



There are just so many different gel nail polish colors to choose from. I love all the options! Check out all the gorgeous colors HERE.


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